challenge day 7: wedded bliss

sorry i'm posting a little "late" today. i went to church on saturday this week to see our small group friends get baptized. then we went to eat, and had a fun night at carin's. i enjoyed saturday service. it was really nice, and i like having sunday to hang out with sergeant j, even though he's been in a rather foul mood. he's okay today though. :] 

anyway, sunday is my finish chores and meal planning day. do your days have names? mine do. just like a paycheck that is spent before you have it.. my days are pre-spent. but i actually find comfort in that. AND, some of my sweet friends are now in driving distance from me and i'm :extremely: happy about that. so it's been an eventful weekend and seems it will be a super fun week too. so on to the challenge.

tell us about your wedding or dream wedding.

i'm apologizing in advance for all the pics. it's hard to pick favorites!

this is what i wanted our wedding party to look like. before i was even engaged (we were planning on it.. kind of lol) i played around on the david's bridal website. i originally wanted a spring wedding and had everyone in browns and golds/yellows, but when i discovered that i'd be getting a ring quite earlier than expected, i set on december. so of course, i embraced the winter feel. and this is what we ended up looking like.....

uhh... sorry it's so small. but we had the biggest wedding party haha. but.. the moral of the story is... it was exactly like i wanted! here are our bridesmaids and groomsmen:


we even had a sweet candy buffet (and good food.. and lots of fun):

our centerpieces were cupcakes!

it was a perfect day.

love, me

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  1. Your wedding was amazingly beautiful!!

  2. LOVE your dress!!! Your wedding was absolutely beautiful:)

  3. thanks you guys! it is one of the sweetest memories EVER!