challenge day 9: this IS significant.

A photo of your last significant purchase. Did it satisfy a need or a want?

i'm so glad you asked. so, pretty much anything over $75 is a significant purchase for us. yesterday, it would have been my nook. but today i got something that may be just a tad more useful for our household:

this is step one(-ish) of project pantry: the 10-piece oxo pop set. there are a few more pieces that i want to get to complete it before i'll be satisfied, but aren't they gorgeous? haha... i love organization. as far as want v. need, i'm going to go ahead and take the easy way out and say both. hear me out! they have air tight seals which will ensure that what i buy stays fresh and useable (and not thrown away from sitting in the dark recesses of the pantry. also, a more organized pantry means more effective weekly shopping.. which means less waste essentially (since i err on the side of too much rather than too little... of course). that's the need part. but did it have to cost $100? uh no.

but i LOVE it. soon my pantry will be bangin'.

love, me
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  1. I love these! I love organization and when I can make it look pretty to! lol Well worth the $100 I say!