day 18: if i had my little way...

What is something you wish you could change about yourself?

i procrastinate. in fact, some of my best work has been done as a procrastinator. seriously. i think it's actually that i work better all at once than in stages, and the "all at once" is usually at the last minute as well. some days, though, i wish i could go to sleep or lay around instead of catching up on chores. actually, right now is one of those times. i have laundry to do.. but i'm not doing it. and i will be so unhappy in a few hours when all i want to do is hang out with my honey and i have to do the wash. but... i'm lazy sometimes. it's been bad for the past few months. really bad.

but ugh... it's 75 degrees and i went for a walk, and now i'm sunbathing on my couch. you just can't let moments like this disappear. one day i will have kids to chase around, or i'll be working or something equally important and/or time-consuming, so i have to enjoy these moments while i have them. i'm sure my friends with kids will agree -- one of my buddies back home has a kiddo that just turned 1 and i'll bet you if she could go back, she'd sunbathe more often. just sayin.

i'll bet my life sounds amazing.. usually i'm cooking or cleaning something, or chasing after my adult-child (husband) and his schedule. but my little joy in the mid-afternoon is the sun shining through my window. and i'm enjoying it.

anyway. i'll regret this sunbathe while i'm doing laundry and cooking and cleaning my house before john comes home from work haha.. so don't get too jealous. 
love, me

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  1. Haha, I SO get that. I'm such a procrastinator too! I work best under pressure- that's my motto. I also say enjoy it while you can!