FLY for 15 minutes

my kitchen looked like a war zone 15 minutes ago. well, not totally, but there were remnants of the cookies i baked today, my plates from lunch and dinner, cutting board, glasses and my mixer, etc. etc. etc. ALL over the place. i had no counter space. i was beginning to think, "ugh.. i need to clean the kitchen in the morning.."

but then i remembered. i'm FLYing (finally loving yourself) these days with the flylady! so i put my butt in gear and set out to clean for 15 minutes. that's always the goal (in fact, we're going for 7 in 2011!). but i figured, 15 minutes isn't that long. i'll just see what i can get done in 15 minutes. so i started throwing stuff away, putting cans in the recycle, putting away papers that landed on my hot spots, putting away spices and sugar, putting away the clean stuff in the sink and dishwasher... before i knew it, the counters were clean and everything was put away and i had 9 minutes to go! so i thought, "i'll wash as many dishes as i can..." and don't you know i washed almost every dish? my timer hadn't gone off yet, so i wiped down the counters... and i finished, just 10 seconds over my time limit (and of course i stopped). now my kitchen looks like this:

clutter and your perfectionism do not have to run your life.

it doesn't have to be perfect! after all, you LIVE there. but you don't have to suffer from CHAOS (can't have anyone over syndrome). if you're like me, you may want to check out the fly lady. i'm still taking baby steps but she is slowly changing my life! 

15 minutes!!! who can't do that?!

love, me

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