a GIVEAWAY! and miscellany monday

first of all, there is a great giveaway at my pledge sister Amy's blog! go check her out for your chance to win an iTunes gift certificate... because who can't use some free iTunes?

visit her today at all things girl.

second, it's monday. meh.

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

i actually don't hate mondays.

i've been productive today. i've called a lot of people who needed to be called, completed a few tasks at work that i've been putting off, dropped off some scentsy marketing materials (and potentially got a new customer!) and met our new neighbors. all before 12 pm!

being back to blogging has been great. i haven't been back that long, but i really missed the therapy writing time. i wonder what makes people interesting enough to have hundreds of followers, and if that is motivation enough to write more. i feel like i've let down my 30 followers so i imagine the pressure must be up in the hundreds.

what happened to low millions? have y'all ever heard of that group? i was obsessed with them during the summer of 2007, and i'm pretty sure they will never put out another album. but i can't find their music since i switched computers. i don't know how they got lost in translation. they had a song called low millions, "count me in, i'm one of the low millions". but this was my favorite song.. it got me through the time john and i were not together :)

i got into weird stuff that summer.


baby fever. there's a new baby on the way in our family and it's not mine. not helping. i don't really feel comfortable writing much about it, but let's just say there shouldn't be another baby on the way. but.. this particular family member always produces the cutest little kids. but.. why so many?

i love my friends. early on saturday, i talked to my sweet pledge sister.. whom i haven't heard from in forever. it made me miss college. then, i went to carin's house to hang out and we had a great time talking and laughing until our butts went numb for sitting for 6 hours. it didn't seem like a quarter of the day (sounds bad like that, huh!) but it was... it was. we talked about my walking adventure for at least an hour and it continues to crack me up, even today.

real housewives. i love the real housewives shows (most of them) but the oc is my favorite. they're ridiculous. anyway. here's my recap.

first, tamra is my favorite. some people have said she's a mean girl, but that's okay with me. and it seems that she's trying to turn things around this season, which makes me like her even more. i was impressed by the way she handled gretchen's attitude. gretchen, for the record, is my least favorite of all the housewives. she is freaking out of control. i often think of driving up there to find her lol. and she needs to watch how she talks to people she considers her friends. and all i'm saying is this:
 but i am always so fascinated with her hair.. it's always so gorgeous! hahaha anyway, in case you couldn't tell, i thought she was completely rude to come into someone's house on an invitation and act that way. why even show up? ugh.. some people. vicki i have always liked even though she is occasionally out of line, but i do wish she and donn could have worked things out. sixteen years is a long time to call it quits.  and about alexis.. all i can say is go girl with putting your foot down with the kids! but she needs to quit with misquoting the Bible.. that's out of hand haha.. all in all, it was a firey start and that makes me think it will be a firey season. the new "wife" is introduced next week and i'm excited.. i can't tell if i'll like her or not, but posing with that gun in  your fancy backless shirt was not a good start. all i'm saying.

have any of y'all watched miami? what do you think so far? i think they have enough drama to keep me entertained haha.

if you got this far... i'm thinking of hosting a 30 day blog challenge. would you guys be interested enough to participate? it's not as fun a challenge when i do it alone. also check out my cooking blog.. there's a small challenge there in my post from Sunday the 6th.

yeah, mondays aren't so bad.

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  1. you seriously crack me up. I'm glad you're back to blogging!