number 14.

number 14 was to get my eyes checked, which i did yesterday. first of all, i haven't had my vision checked since 2006. i got new glasses with this prescription in 2007, and those glasses broke in 2008. fortunately (?) i was able to get those lenses put into a different pair of glasses and i've been wearing them since then.

the good news is that in 5 years, my prescription has not changed much (about a quarter of a step). also, the right eye (which has a much stronger prescription because of a childhood injury) is no longer hemorrhaging and looks completely healed. though it's still a bit lazy. the BAD news, and if you wear glasses, you know...is that they are NOT CHEAP! i used to complain about lenscrafters' prices, but the truth is, most insurance doesn't cover the actual glasses. and by most i mean tricare.

the first glasses i picked were amazing. they are both adrienne vittadini.

obviously, the bling was required...

these were the winners, but the front was dark red, and the sides were black. right where the colors meet is a little line of rhinestones... perfect :)

but... those were $439 after the lenses and glaze. sheesh. so i went on base to see if there was anything comparable. then i found these vera wang beauties. 

they showed me these in tortoise and gold.
i'm not sure about them yet because i'm more a black/silver than a brown/gold girl. they are ordering them in red with a darker temple so the wait for new glasses will have to go one a bit longer. these cam to about $350. which is better. 

and i want to get some sunglasses.but i have the feeling Sergeant J won't let me part with $500 of our dollars... at least not all at once! 

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  1. Oh my thats expensive! I have been ordering my glasses online for years! Its like $50 for two pairs. Of course, you can't try them on, but I know what looks good on me, and just order similar styles.

    I LOVE the bling on the glasses! Too cute!