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i'm not really an organization freak, but i am a perfectionist. and as many of you know, our perfectionism can get in the way and things look out of control and not at all organized. i've recently been tackling some areas of our home to reduce the clutter and choas, and next on my list is our pantry.

our pantry/food storage is officially out of control. i have cleaned/organized it at least 3 or 4 times in the past year, but it always ends up looking like this. i decided that if i put my business out there to the world, i'll have to hold myself accountable. i need to do this project. this month. would you look at this ridiculousness:

living on base definitely does not mean great storage spaces
spice cabinet, to the left of my stove/microwave
above the fridge. this should not qualify as storage space!

i want my pantry to look like this:

from yelp.com

haha, okay, that's a tad ambitious. those plastic containers aren't cheap, but thank God, scentsy is paying for this little project. here's how i'm making it happen: first, i'm making a list of my dry goods that should be put into containers (there are a lot). then i'm going to empty it out (again), clean it, and create (ideally) 2-3 categories per shelf. then, i'm getting all my containers and/or bins and labeling them. i hope that my perfectionism doesn't take over and end up causing me to obsess over this for the next two months and never getting it done in the end!

how have you organized your food storage spaces? i need all the ideas i can get!

love, me

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