random top two tuesday!

yahoo! i have LOVED reading your posts the past two days! i remember how much i liked doing my first 30-day challenge and i hope you guys are all enjoying not having to worry about writer's block. that was my favorite part, anyway.

so, today's top two tuesday is random facts about me. i'm pretty much random by nature, so this one is particularly easy haha.

1. i took 4 years of french and 8 years of piano... my french is lacking and about all i can play on the piano is fΓΌr elise (the whole piece, at least) and canon in d haha (but don't laugh too hard, i can cut up on some battle hymn of the republic, too). oh well. what a waste of private school tuition and lessons in the city! for the record, i now wish i could do both.

2. i love grocery shopping. i know that's weird. but i love it. it's really relaxing and familiar. i think it comes from loving to cook. but i'm also super anal about it. once i know the layout of a store (after going a few times), i go through it in a specific order and would rather not buy something than backtrack. i even write my grocery list in order of the aisles. i'm obsessive. don't judge.

see y'all tomorrow for day 3 of the spring forward 30-day blog challenge!

love, me

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  1. Just stopping by from Top Two Tuesday to say hello. Hope you have a great week!