what i'm LOVING wednesday!

i just love wednesdays. it's the middle of the week and i always feel so empowered and motivated (because there isn't much left of the week haha). so here's what i'm loving!

i'm loving this polka dot swimsuit from the mod cloth website. in fact, i'm just loving the whole mod cloth website. i have to resist the urge to give my wardrobe a 50s makeover every time i visit! seriously.. i want to buy dresses and an apron and play june cleaver all day long. like, really.

i'm loving my new outlook on work. i have been in a funk but i had a really good conversation with my boss monday. it's so nice to finally have a boss who actually cared how i felt and would do things to help me. it was still a struggle to get going this morning but once i was in the office, i felt so much better! i was only there for a few hours, but it was a good few hours haha

i'm loving i'm obsessed with the oxo pop food storage items. i'm ordering the ten piece set today!

image from it's for dinner

i'm loving my brand new nook! we are all out of space for my love of reading, so i have been researching e-readers and finally decided on the nook. the main reasons i picked it were the lending, library, and epub/ade compatibility features. it's the plain one, not the color, and only has wi-fi. i figured i didn't need anything fancier than that. plus i got a sweet case for it. i LOVE it. seriously.
image from cnet

image from barnes and noble

i'm loving the sound of scentsy's april scent of the month! sorry i just had to say it. normally i don't talk much about my business on here, but it just sounds so yummy and it should be here friday! and i'm excited (obviously!). if you're curious, you can get previews every month on my private facebook group. if you can't find it, just email me! hello@aleasa.net

most of all this week i am LOVING that our newest small group couple is getting baptized on saturday! what an awesome step in the life of this young family. they have two kiddos in middle school and i couldn't be happier for them. we're having cookies tonight at small group to celebrate :)

and as always, i'm loving my sweet husband and his big ol' heart. <33

love, me

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  1. I read this post back on Wednesday and had to come back again to see the website for that sweet polka dot swim suit. I LOVE it! And am about to go google that website now :) Thanks for sharing!