apparently i can't stop posting. we'll see how long this lasts. but enough chit chat, let's do this!

i'm loving our small group! for a long time it was just me and our bffs, but now we have a new [totally awesome] couple. we're studying the bible 101 series.. i didn't think i'd like it but i totally dig it. it is so great to watch all the friends growing in leaps and bounds with their faith! :))

i'm loving the spring-time weather. it's been rather cold here in so cal for the past few weeks, and it's nice to finally feel the warmth of the sun.

i'm loving satchel purses. here are a few of my favorite ones:
cole haan


 images from nordstrom.com

i'm loving sundress season! i hope i can find one that i like and don't feel like a blimp in. i need a personal shopper! i haven't had a dress i have really liked in a long, long, LONG time!

and as always, i'm totally loving my sweet husband and his sleepy face in the mornings. :))

love, me

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  1. LOVE that second bag! Looks like a Balenciaga from like, six seasons ago. Super love.