women should be awarded an immediately flatter stomach after exercising for more than an hour

haha... that title is cracking me up. anyway, this was me today:

it was not this peaceful.
john had to leave early this morning (5 am) for some training in orange county, but there was a problem with his orders and a small chance that he wouldn't go. our solution was for him to drive to his office just in case he was going to have to turn around and come home (then i could stay in bed). if he ended up having to go north, i could later get a ride to pick up the car.


that was dumb. his office is just under 5 miles from our house. so naturally i'm thinking "i can totally walk that!" did i take into account the three HILLS on the way? or having to walk about 3 miles next to traffic going 45 miles per hour? or the road kill i might find on the way? nope. sure didn't.

so i set out. about 2.5 miles in, i started getting kind of tired (considering that i'm totally out of shape). i sat behind the carwash on base (creeping out several innocent people making change for a dollar) and texted my husband and my friend carin. i told carin to come get me if i wasn't at her house in 30 minutes... she lives about 3/4 of a mile from where i was haha! but after a short (15 minute haha!) rest, i decided to continue for the last 2 or so miles. and i did this by making up cadences. i don't know what gave me the idea, other than john has mentioned it's a good way to motivate yourself. it started with me thinking this:  are you weak or are you strong? i texted it to carin and she replied, "you're ARMY STRONG!!!!" bahahaaa... okay. i'm army strong. so i kept going:

are you weak or are you strong?
this is short, it sure ain't long

i can handle the sun in my face
just keep the stride, just keep the pace

they may stare, yeah, they may laugh
but none of them can stop this path
ain't no stopping, no short cuts
just taking names and kicking butt!

it took a while to get this size
now put in some work, you thunder thighs!

mama mama, can't you see?
what base life has done to me...

Image: Arvind Balaraman / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


  1. Haha, too funny girl- sounds like something I would have done. I love your cadences!

  2. Ha - love it!! Great cadences - and even better you remembered them later to write them down! LOL!

  3. This made me laugh so hard!!! I love you, Aleasa! P.S. Josh is stealing your cadence for the next run. lol.