all's well that ends well

below is a picture of me on the last day of my sweet (sweet) blog challenge.
 sorry i look so rough.. and yes, i leave the house like this regularly. 

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now. this has been an awesome thirty days, all things considered. one very positive thing is that i dealt with two things that have been weighing heavily on my mind for longer than should be legal: harry and larry and my failed, not-sure-it-was-ever-real-in-the-first-place friendship. it was nice to finally get that stuff off my chest and out of my mind and let it go in a tangible way. in fact, the general process of remembering things is good: some you pull off the shelf, dust off, and go back to a better place; some shelves you empty and make room for better memories. very cleansing.

another awesome thing that happened to me i that i "caught up" on some much needed rest, albeit involuntarily. actually, to be honest, i'll probably never have enough down time. i'm perfectly content just doing nothing; in fact, i think being busy is simply evil! so it was nice to be able to chill and not feel guilty about it for once. thank God i also healed super well and fast from my little injury.

and last (but far from least), i got to know some cool bloggers. it was fun reading everyone's answers. i didn't get to read everyone's everyday, but there are definitely some awesome bloggers out there. i'm glad that others participated, and i hope everyone had a great time blogging to a challenge like i did. also, if you plan on using the prompts later, let me know so i can meet you too!

so get out there and go visit some of the new (and old) friends!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Doing this blog challenge was fun and it was nice to read all your answers. I got to know you without knowing you! If you do another one I will totally participate!