Day 25.

Day 25 Someone who impacts your life regularly.

the 'rents. they are never hesitant to share their life experiences with me to encourage me and the sarge. i'm so blessed to have them. they are so precious and funny and sweet and i love them thoroughly! i know that's short and sweet, but it's either that or a long post that would only be meaningful to me haha.. so here's a picture of them last christmas:

love, me


  1. Stupid Blog comment. I typed a comment and it deleted it. Anyway, this post made me laugh. I know that is really mean, but the line "i couldn't get up and fake like i meant to do it" just made me laugh. I was picturing you hopping back up and being all suave as you limped back to your car and it made me laugh. I am a horrible rotten person.

  2. no! you're not! that's really how funny it is! haha... i only wish i'd had a bigger audience... oh wait.. no.. i don't!