day 26.

How have you changed in the past two years?

i thought that with just a few days left of the challenge, i would actually post on time. 

to think about two years ago is weird; i was newly engaged but still pretty immature. i was working at a place i was totally unhappy and not fulfilled, i was dealing with trust issues with sergeant j... yes.. trust issues after engagement! what?! i was fresh out of college struggling with a lot of things.

the main thing i remember was about making friends and having meaningful friendships. i love my friends, but it is hard to make new ones! i have never had a huge group of friends who went out together and all that but i think it's something i've always kind of wanted. but God has prepared me throughout my life for exactly the life he has called me to. i haven't had a lot of friends. i have a lot of acquaintances from my past but not friends. from each stage of my life (except college), i can really pick out one or two people who i would really now consider friends. college was just different. i had friends and a pretty awesome social life but as much as i love those people today, it's just different. i can't explain it. anyway, not many friends in my lifetime.

and it took me 27 years to be okay with that. for no apparent reason, my life has been marked by change. we only moved once, but i never stayed at the same school for long; always coming into groups of friends that had already been formed. and now i'm a military wife.. isn't that the whole story? so i've totally matured, and through that i've gotten so much closer to God. or maybe it's the other way around.

i've also gained weight. but we won't talk about that.

love, me

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