a few things.

the Sarge is gone. i'm taking it ...okay. this weekend was long. that's all i want to say about that. sorry i'm behind.. here's the catch up!

Day 20The meaning behind your blog name. (Saturday)
so, i answered this once before as well. my pastor once said "happy wife, happy life".. he may or may not have originally got that from teresa guidice haha.  anyway, that is a true statement, at least in our house and i was originally going to call this blog happy wife, happy life. but i didn't. i thought happy life was appropriate because our life is really happy. it's not worry or stress free (even though that's what we're striving for -- full faith and trust in the lord) but we are intentional in finding the good in all situations. the Sarge recently dealt with some ridiculousness at work, and instead of being angry and hateful.. i was so proud of him.. he constantly reminded himself that God was shaping him and that God knew the plans for his life -- plans for good and not harm.

such a better way to live.

"not that i have already attained this", but it's a constant transformation. from where we were in the beginning of our relationship, together and individually, you'd be shocked to see us these days. anyway. that's the story... and i'm stickin' to it.

Day 21 – A photo of something that consistently makes you happy. (Sunday)

this someone ALWAYS makes me happy! i mean.. sometimes he makes me want to scream, but at the end of the day i can smile because i'm married to the cutest, funniest, most tenderhearted man ever!

the dallas cowboys. mainly when the win, but anytime they're playing because that means it's football season. and that's ALWAYS something to smile about.


pasta!  ok let's be honest, carbs. ....OK! let's be honest! food!! no seriously.. pasta. i love it. nothing says comfort like a bowl of pasta. mmm...

Day 22 – A letter to someone who has hurt you recently. (Monday--today! Yay!)

wow. did i really include this prompt?  okay here it goes.

dear _,
i guess the right thing to do would be to tell you that you have hurt me, rather than avoid you and allow the relationship to die an otherwise natural death. but, i can't help but feel that your absence was what started to kill it. i wanted you to help me for lots of reasons, not the least of which was that i thought you cared about me and the Sarge. your behavior and your actions (or lack thereof) were evidence to me that you didn't care about either of us.

there's not much to say that can salvage what's left of the friendship i thought we had. you dropped the ball, and in a big way, without so much as an "i know i'm being lame" or, dare i suggest, an "i'm sorry". no acknowledgement whatsoever. and this was no small ball. i'm curious as to what happened, what you think. what changed... but your lack of interest in the matter is rather off putting. i don't know if i'm being little or big, but the point is i have moved on.

there are too many stresses in life for me to have friends that stress me out. and so, i guess this is closure, and i guess this is goodbye.

and now that the tears have been shed... y'all have a great monday! see you tomorrow :))

love, me 
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