more design changes

Hi everyone. I'm attempting to integrate my blogs seamlessly with one another (if you don't know, I have a cooking blog and am working on a genealogy blog), and that means more design changes here at happy life. Please bear with me, as some things may be out of place for the next few hours (or days). I haven't decided if this will be the final design scheme, but I'm trying to make it work. If something is borked, you can report it to hello@aleasa.net. Thanks for your patience!

love, me

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  1. Oh, my goodness! You're following me? Yay! I found your blog when you blogged about falling down at the bank. I was like, "Oh, no!" I would have died! And I would have crawled to the porch to meet the EMT's, so they wouldn't see my messy house. Girl after my own heart! What doesn't get picked up when the hubbies are gone...haha!