nisan 11

today is temple cleansing day (mark 11:15-19)

Mal. 3:1-9

the temple was to be called a house of prayer for all people (Isa. 56:7), but instead he found tables set up in the outer courts, exchanging currencies (probably at outrageous rates) for the temple tax and selling items needs for the various sacrifices (see leviticus for more about that!). not only that, but the outer court was the only place where gentiles could worship and pray.   he also curses a fig tree, which had no fruit but was full of leaves (like fig trees do when they're ready to bear fruit).

have you been robbing the lord in your tithes and offerings? are we fig trees full of leaves but lacking fruit? let's use today to "cleanse" our temples..what needs to be confessed and repented for in our lives? don't give up on the God who doesn't give up on you.

love, me

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