royal wedding... erm, five question friday.

I have absolutely zero interest in what happens in the United Kingdom. First of all, I thought we left Europe because we were over them and their monarchy (and I say, "WE" very loosely for obvious reasons). For about three weeks when I was 13, I had a crush on Prince William but the reality is that Prince Harry turned out hotter. Okay, that may or may not be false. Anyway. I always thought it was so ridiculous to have crushes on (and look at stalker teeny-bopper photos of) a prince, because seriously.. what are the chances? I mean, I totally could have met the Backstreet Boys one day and miraculously easily won over AJ...

Not that those chances weren't slim to none, but they were a heck of a lot more possible that the freakin' prince of England. Eldest, at that. AND to top it off (I'll just put it out there) I'm black. If he ever were to see me in some freak show "The Prince and Me" kind of way, I'd be underneath the bottom of his list... I'm not bitter about it, I'm just saying.  When was the last time you saw royalty intermarrying to that extent? It's just one of those things haha.

(I tried to find a picture of Prince William with a black girl. Then just a black person. But.. oh well.)

ANYWAY. That's not the point. The point is, I went to a party last night.. It was a royal wedding watching party. And why, you ask? Because I needed some girl time and what better way than to dress up in the middle of the night and wear my wedding tiara? So, you get where I'm coming from, right?

It was so fun. We (they) made cucumber sandwiches, red velvet cupcakes and crumpets (that looked so good but I couldn't partake in). And some girly drinks that were yummy, of course. (Of course I don't have pictures--sorry.)

And her dress was pretty. But I only stayed long enough to watch her walk in (I got home about 3:30). There is just no sense in staying awake for all that nonsense. But they did look happy.. like they actually love each other. So that always makes me happy. And they are a very beautiful couple.. I think it was a sweet event. Not sure about all the hoopla (there--yes, here--not so much), but I just love weddings in general so that's how I justified peeking at this one.

Now. On to things that matter. It's finally FRIDAY! Yessss!

1. If you could buy any car, money not an option, what would it be? 
It would totally be a Range Rover Autobiography. I've had a crush on the Range Rover for about 3 weeks now.. and I think I could be in it for the long haul. I definitely am going the obnoxious SUV route for my mommy mobile.

2. What was your worst first date ever?  
Well. I have had a lot of first dates, but none of them were bad. For example, one of my first long-term relationships started with a date in which I totally spilled my whole Dr. Pepper all over my date. I was kind of nervous, but his car didn't reverse haha.. So it ended up fine. I wasn't embarrassed or anything, but I suppose that would be the worst. 

That, or the guy who held his hand facing up on the arm rest at the movies... like in Twilight. No lie! But I'm not sure that was our first date, either haha! That guys first date, he expected me to pay! (Obviously I was not dating him seriously!)

3. How old were you when you fell in love for the first time? 
I was 16 and I loved me some Colin Nathaniel. What a shame to be young and dumb. (For the record, I'm sure good ol' Colin turned into a fine gentleman, but he was 19--young and dumb--too. He had the makings of a good guy.)

4. When was the last time you reconciled your checkbook? 
Last September, right before we started Financial Peace University. Now we track our money a bit differently, but we do it at least once every two weeks.

5. If you were going to fashion a "Wanted" Ad for a best friend, how would you word it? 
Usually these are like 50 words and under so here it goes: 
Wanted: Female friend for late-20s military wife. God fearing desired, sticks-in-the-mud need not apply. If you're offended, that would be you. Age not an issue. Laughing at yourself a must. Equally health nut and couch potato, lazy and spontaneous, outgoing and socially awkward. Sports lovers are a plus. Contact me hello@aleasa.net :)

love, me


  1. I did watch the Royal wedding and it was lovely, mainly since I have become a hopeless romantic in my old age. However, I do know what youmean about the hoopla associated with it. Here (in South Africa) we even had people petitioning the government to make it a public holiday! I thought that was way over the top/

  2. Love love love Range Rovers too!! I've been crushing on those babies for a few years now! And I totally get you with the Royal wedding...all I cared about was what her dress looked like.

  3. i would totally reply to that Wanted Ad. :)