top 2 favorite DRINKS!

i'm trying to end the trend of lateness and replace it with ridiculous earliness. this week's top 2 is such a great topic. i have a million favorite things i love to drink (non-alchoholic) and i tend to get thirsty rather than hungry. i'm a thirsty, thirsty person haha...

okay. so.

number two.
anything carbonated. i know, that's a cheating answer. but i love some carbonation and i don't really care what form it's in.. except i prefer to darker forms (of course.. go hard or go home right?) if i had to pick ONE, it would be the dp, although i do go through the occasional coke phase.

number one. 
SWEET tea. the south's biggest impact on my life (except for john and my ancestors haha). i love me some sweet tea. not syrupy sweet, but just right! the trick, for those of you who don't get it, is to add the sugar while the tea is hot.. it's the only way to do it. i can never make it JUST right, but mine will do until i can get back to the south. so delicious, and i love love LOVE it with a little lemon (can't forget the lemon). DEElish. mcallister's is so good, second only to cracker barrel.

and, in my usual cheating manner, number one really is water. i love water.. i love the tasteless taste and the crispness of water. it's awesome. hydrate or die. :)

what are your favorite drinks? go over to the undomestic momma and link up :)

love, me


  1. Nothing better than a big ole glass of sweet tea with a lemon! YUMMY!!

  2. Love my Dr. Pepper! Great picks!

    Very cute blog!

  3. I love sweet tea! And I definitely am looking forward to you posting the guacamole recipe!!