top 2 tuesday and day 23

if you can believe it, there are just seven days left of our spring forward challenge. i hope that everyone participating is really doing some personal housekeeping and moving forward this spring :)

but first, a weekly break. this week, we're talking about the top 2 songs on my iPod
SURELY, this changes for everyone each week. but here are my favorites this week:
2. in christ alone. the hymn, not the contemporary christian song. this is probably always a favorite. it just has the best lyrics (which i once posted on my long-dead xanga. you should go look at the post.). it's tied with the manifesto song that i mentioned a few posts back.

1. glorious day, casting crowns. i once nearly had a fight with one of my dearest friends because he insulted casting crowns. haha. he was saying that he thinks groups like them produce mediocre music and ride the religious wave to compensate for poor artistry. (he said a lot more, but that was the gist of it...) i was so bummed to hear that. i mean, i don't think they're stretching any limits musically, not that i'm any authority on that, but i like their music. he also said that it promotes religious huddling, but i don't think that's true either. casting crowns has brought me and my husband (at different times) SO much closer to the words because we first love the songs, then contemplate the lyrics. (and, if you aren't a casting crowns fan, they include scripture with all their lyrics to consider). i love casting crowns. this is the chorus of glorious day: 
living he loved me, dying he saved me
buried he carried my sins far away; 
rising he justified, freely forever
one day he's coming, oh glorious day,
oh glorious day!

Day 23 - Tell us something you think no one really knows about you.

no one?  uh.. i feel like i'm mostly pretty transparent, so if there is something (significant) i can't think of it right now. so this one isn't impressive, but i hate laundry. i used to like it, i really, really did. but somehow after we got married, it NEVER ends! i mean, obviously we're always wearing clothes, but seriously... my husband wears the same thing to work every day! ok, not literally, but still.. why so many? i dislike (but don't hate) the actual sorting and starting loads of laundry. but i detest the folding haha. i just dread it. once i start, i find out it only takes like 3-4 minutes per load but i really have to be in a good mood to finish my laundry in less than a day. it doesn't seem practical for us to do a "load a day" because our loads are so mixed, but i might be trying that before long.

let me just break to say that i DO my laundry. i can't let it sit in our house for weeksand live out of laundry baskets. i just dread it. people complain about "mount washmore" but i try not to leave unfolded, or folded and not-put-away laundry laying around too much.

so, was that juicy? ..no? okay, well. sorry.  :)

love, me

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