what i'm loving wednesday and how God is teaching me about sloth in the round-a-bout way ...and day 24. otherwise known as the longest post ever.

wow. a lot has happened since my post yesterday early in the morning. i would be thrilled if you guys make it through this post. i promise. you will laugh.  but FIRST i need to complete my weekly routine!

i'm [loving] being on bed rest, and legitimately having to relax for four days. (see below)
i'm [loving] that i've made it through 37.5% of my and john's first military separation!
i'm [loving] new friendships! :))
i'm [loving] that i had my first REAL breakfast in years today!!
i'm [loving] that my glasses, BOTH pairs plus sunglasses will be here this week (or very soon after!)

 and as always, i'm loving my husband, in his absence, for caring about me so much no matter how far or wide :)

now about my life lesson from yesterday.

my house is... messy. i mean, john is gone and no one is coming over. it's not really that bad, but i want to spring clean while john is gone...  i just haven't started yet -- i have a week and a half for goodness sake! well, yesterday, i decided i had a few errands to run before going to work: running to pick up some stuff for the house and by the bank, namely.

i started my day at the homegoods store; if there is one near you and you haven't been, GO! it's so great. i got 4 pasta bowls, two fancy new plates, a pepper mill, a sugar bowl and a butter dish for about $40. nice, right? anyway, then i went to kirkland's and then the bank.

it was headed in the 1 o'clock direction so i figured i should pop in and out of the bank quickly and head in the the church. i parked right in front of the bank and grabbed my wallet and the check i needed to deposit and jumped out of my car... and headed toward the atm... and......

i tripped.

and i fell. all the way down.

and the pain in my knee was so dang bad that i couldn't get up and fake like i meant to do it.

so i laid there. on the ground in front of the bank. for like five minutes.

well, by now it's a scene. some people have walked over from their car on the other side of the aisle and a lady has come out of the bank. they're asking if there's anyone they can call and.. i can barely talk! (this is really funny you should be laughing). i'm calling on Jesus and hoping that my pride stays on the ground as i realize the pain is starting to subside. i finally tried to move it and was able to sit up and eventually stand up and go inside with some help. geez. this happens to ONLY ME! and of COURSE.. when john is gone. duh.

i decide i need to go home and elevate and ice it. which i finally did after going to work for an hour or so. i called my doctor and asked if i could maybe come see them tomorrow (wednesday) and make an appointment. well, after i iced and elevated it, i realize it is more painful and stiff than it started...

and i had a flash vision of waking up in the morning and not being able to get out of bed in the morning. which brings me to my life lesson. what if they have to break the door down and see me living like a lazy bum! so i took myself to the ER on base.

*break* mind you, this is my RIGHT knee, aka my driving leg. just saying.

i get there and it's a LONG walk up stairs to the emergency room (who's idea was that) so i limp about a yard a minute halfway up the walk when a lady with a wheelchair headed back in picks me up. so freaking ridiculous. why does this have to happen when i'm alone! four hours, a pair of crutches, a full leg immobilizer, and two prescriptions later, i get home. i gimped around my house for about 15 minutes, straightening up because i needed a ride to the doctor the next morning (wednesday) and didn't want anyone to think i was a slob haha. forty-five minutes and two trips up the stairs later, i finally end my ridiculous day.

bottom line, for those of you who didn't laugh all the way through that, is that i'm just fine. it's an effusion and it seems to be healing super well and super fast, but the jury's out until next week's follow up. AND i will never let my house get messy like that again -- i will always put away my laundry and loose papers!

just another day in the life of aleasa.


moving on.

Day 24 – A photo of something that means a lot to you.
unfortunately i don't have many things that mean a lot to me, much less photos of them. but here is a picture of the bible i use (and have marked up like crazy and love to death)

this is the other one:

i wish i had all the notes from all my bibles all marked up in one, but now it's split up between 3 or 4 of them. so that's a goal for one day. but MOST notes are in one of these two now. so.. those are probably my most cherished possessions.

love, me

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  1. I am so sorry that you got hurt....but....this line made me laugh so hard: "i couldn't get up and fake like i meant to do it" Sorry, I shouldn't laugh, but for some reason I was just picturing you hopping back up and being all suave as you limp back to your car. I am a horrible person.