why i live in the 1920s and (last week's) top 2 tuesday!


I hope everyone's Easter was amazing! We had a great day, first with church and then hanging with out friends for some burgers on the grill. I laugh like crazy when I hang out with our small group. They are so sweet and fun, and slightly inappropriate but I love it.

On Saturday, the Sarge and I took a mini field trip to Target and I got a waffle maker and a brand new TOASTER! I know... we're weird. We didn't have one.. just made toast under the broiler in the oven or in the skillet. I loved it that way, but I miss Pop Tarts (even though when I mentioned said Pop Tarts, the Sarge said, "Pop Tarts go in the toaster?!" ... um, hence, the "POP" haha) and Eggos (when there's no time for fresh Belgian waffles), and bagels, and generally not waiting on the broiler. AND it has four slots... We rock.
We are making a conscious effort to stop being college students and waking up 30 minutes before work, and instead actually getting up, having some couples devotion time, and eating breakfast (....and taking our vitamins). It's been really awesome to not leave the house in a rush and to spend some time in the Word together in the morning. But, it's hard -- It's hard to remember how good we will feel later in the day when we're still laying in bed haha! This morning, I made toast... and we watched it pop up. Because we weren't born at the turn of THIS century.

Anyway. Here's my top 2. I waited all day because I don't really collect anything and it took me all day to get creative. And you know, sometimes I can't predict the top two. Sometimes I'm counting down, sometimes up, sometimes just mentioning two random things in no order at all. I'm spontaneous. I like that about myself.

1. Bibles
Okay this is weird. And I don't do it on purpose. But somehow, I've acquired lots of Bibles.. and for some reason, I want to buy one everytime I see a new one. I have an NIV Study Bible, a slimline NIV (which I take with me to church.. it's very portable haha). I have the message. An ESV Bible, AND an ESV Study Bible. I have a Women's devotional Bible (NLT). And a NKJV. And a KJV. And a NASB. and the Septuagint (LXX) which is the Greek version of the OT... And now I have my eye on the The New Inductive Study Bible...It's out of control. This doesn't even include digital versions. I'm so strange.
2. Football movies.
Because I could watch all of them, over and over and over. And over. I am not sure that really counts... but it's the best I could do!

love, me

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