exposing myself.

i have a problem with my weight. i think every girl does. i've never been, say, morbidly obese, but i've definitely always been the bigger/biggest of my friends. i never understood morbid obesity, to be honest. i've always said that there has to be a tick in your head once you hit a certain weight, perhaps three hundred pounds. my tick was two hundred (barring child-bearing, since i've always been in the "upper" hundreds). well, ladies and gentlemen, the tick was finally set off last year. and, to my surprise, i actually didn't really do anything about it. 

until i got inspired by jennifer hudson. well, sort of. i had a doctor tell me last year that i should try weight watchers, but we didn't have the money. then, my friend who i've been working out with says she suggests it to all her clients (she's a personal trainer by profession). then i saw jennifer hudson at the grammys.

from rocco's pop revolution
and then my sisters started doing it. so i was finally suckered into it. i joined weight watchers.

i weighed myself last friday and almost cried because it was quite a bit worse than i had previously imagined. i won't share my numbers with you, but i will say that the consolation was that i didn't outweigh the sarge (which isn't saying much because he recently clocked in at 240). but i wasn't terribly far away either. (can't believe i'm admitting this to the world.)

BUT. the great news is this.

i lost 18.8 pounds! 

okay, it's probably mostly water weight. but i don't care. you can't rain on my parade today. that number is awesome. i don't expect to ever have a week like this again, but a pound or two per week in addition to that number still rocks my world.

and i ate what i wanted. literally. we went out last week... i had fettuccine alfredo. and i had a (chicken) burger and fries AND went wine and cheese tasting yesterday. but i'm obsessed with my points. i try to make sure i clock everything, even if not accurately (like if i don't know the nutrition info of a bag of kettle corn, for example haha). also, since fruit and veggies are free with points +, i loaded up on grapes and pineapple and pears to be sure that i was not only hungry, but satisfied my snacking ways.

the other thing is working out.. i really only have done it twice a week so far, but i'm trying to work in a third. i also walk the "long way" to get my mail and dance around the house more haha. my other small victory is that today, on my OWN, i decided to go to the gym (any one that knows me knows that's no small feat). and i went i kicked my OWN butt on the bike and treadmill, and even did weights. i was in there over an hour. who is this person?



how awesome does that make my weekend? the only thing that sucks is that now i have less points per day! haha... oh well. obviously i don't expect to have a week like that ever again.

SO. if you have ever considered weight watchers, do it. i bit the ($54) bullet and got my first 3 months. and i'll probably stay on it until i reach my goal weight (still about 60 pounds away). there is no gimmick. just a celebration! pretty soon i will go from this:

 to this. yes i willlllll.

won't you join me?

love, me


  1. Congrats on your work so far! I'm right there with you on this journey! We will be skinny and hot in no time!

  2. Way to go girl! That is amazing and that will definitely keep you motivated this week, regardless of whether its water weight or not.

    I'm trying to lose weight, too...maybe I'll finally bite the bullet and join WW, too!

  3. Awesome, awesome, awesome! So proud of you, and just reading what you wrote about your weight loss is inspiring for me to start doing something about my weight! {sigh}