greatest weekend.

hi everyone! i'm telling you now, this month is going to be crazy crazy! i have some wacky weeks ahead, so i hope i get plenty of time to blog and keep all of you up on my craziness.

first of all, this weekend was awe-some. first we went to the lake and hung out.

the Sarge and his BFF

me and my BFF

our favorite couple

then we went to islands and had delicious eats.

this sweet little boy has his first crush! haha
and it was a great day. sunday was the Sarge's official date of rank and rachel's birthday, so rachel, carin, and i went on a girls' date to see water for elephants. i'll get to that in a later post. then we had a fun birthday dinner at rob & rachel's house!

our church gives flowers for special events in people's lives!

happy birthday rach!

as she was blowing out her candles... the news came.


now. i'm not going to get into it, because everyone feels strongly about this is all kinds of directions. but i will say this. as i looked for pictures of him, it made me sad to know that he's responsible for so much evil. after thinking about all the innocent people and those in the military that have paid with their lives for his beliefs, i can't find it in myself to hold back the rejoicing (in justice). but man. sucks that there's another soul paying his own penalty when it's been taken care of. i try not to go here much, but there were a lot of political things that got under my skin. like "crediting" obama with this victory. the same obama that was, just a few weeks ago, willing to halt the pay to those with their lives on the line overseas. that's as far as i'll go on that.

but the ONE thing that i read that didn't manage to piss me off sunday night/monday morning was this:

Romans 6:23 // RT @StevenPatton: Went to bed thinking that OBL death shows we all believe that death is justice for sin.
think on that. 

love, me

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