why i miss college.

i may be back with a real life post, but for now ... a few random musings.

why i miss college
by aleasa.

1. friends within reach. friends everywhere. friends as close as on the other side of the bathroom and only as far as a mile drive, all day, everyday. i miss you megan, emory, amy, kelsey, jonathan, drew, bethany, lauren, megan, brooke, warren, alan (sometimes... just kidding), twinita, all the rest of PC 07, and pretty much every KX and EEE between 2007 and 2010 (except one.. you know who you are). the real life is SO rude, making us have to move away from our best friends and plan to hang out with the ones who are near. i miss ANY night being an appropriate hang out night.

2. taco bell/walmart at 2 am. actually, just 2 am in general. i miss a) having the energy to be up until 2 am, and b) actually having something to do at 2 am (see #1).

3. complete control of when i did and did not participate in my responsibilities. i mean, why can't i skip work when it rains?

4. ruckus. okay, if you didn't go to college in 2007-08, you missed out. you could download any song or album for FREE with a college email address. they shut down not long after that, but sheesh.. great while it lasted! sometimes, being a college drop out is awesome (only when you go back and there are cool new things like facebook and ruckus).

5. random money appearing (?) ok, so i was kind of a party-er. i admit it. and SOMEHOW i always had partying money. not sure how i managed to pull it off (my parents gave me about $50 a month so that wasn't it..that would only cover a few nights out!) but i always did. how did i become less innovative over time? and i wouldn't be spending it on "a good time" either.

6. breaks. at least every few months, there was a break from class (not including my self-appointed breaks). why can't there be summer break in real life? i mean, i'll even take a week here and there that i don't have to ask for. just a substantial break. you know.. for showing up to work regularly. right?

7.tiger tunes. only obu people will understand what i'm saying. but i actually kind of miss all-nighters... mostly homecoming weekend/performance time. i didn't think i would enjoy it, but it was one of the best memories i will ever have of my college life! this could actually be expanded into "tradition". i love traditions!

8. kappa chi serenades. i miss having boys gather outside my house and sing to me. of course, john does it sometimes... but he needs a choir haha

9. learning. okay. i said it. i miss hanging out with people who's entire day was dedicated to imparting all their knowledge to me.

10. college schedules. like, scheduling the load of your classes for tuesday/thursday and being able to ... erm... "sleep in" on monday and ... "start the weekend early" on friday. first of all, i miss the variety. one only had to endure with a touch schedule for a while. i also miss the "last class" being the end of the day as far as responsibility goes. now when i get off work, i get to continue my day job of homemaker! (but i like it.)

11. because i either don't like lists of ten or i have no restraint, the last one is my college town, arkadelphia. tiny little arkadelphia in southern arkansas. we had to make up our fun in this little place, but it sure made us creative (for lack of a better term). i never, ever thought i would, but i do. to be honest, i kind of enjoyed small town life. i'd be willing to live in a small town when we get older too..  "it's a great place to call home" haha.. for four years.

love, me


  1. phone date. asap. cause i miss you too... and most of the things on this list. haha

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