proud parents

we are the proud parents of an adopted child! her name is gracie and, even though she looks like a tomboy, she is all girl...like...doesn't like to walk in the grass girl. (a girl after my own heart.)

love, me


there's heat in hell

how. HOW is it already a week through june? recently i've been sticking to my mantra of not wishing our lives away, but somehow the days are slipping through my fingers anyway.

i'm sure (so sure) you (all) have been wondering where i've been. as you know, may was super duper busy! and, this week has brought me a sore throat, a car that didn't start (we share one car), and a $1200 bill for said non-starting car. so... i haven't had a whole lot to say that wasn't floating in expletives haha.

so we're thinking about getting another car. something fuel efficient, reliable and large enough for our growing family (we might be getting a DOG! more to come.) we're thinking either a trusty honda civic,

toyota corolla,

or a ford.

and no, i don't want to hear your "fix or repair daily" stories! haha. did you know that ford is pretty much the only company in motor city that didn't take part in the "bailout"? (don't get me started on those bailouts either.) but i WOULD like to hear about your trusty vehicle that you love to death.  

what do you drive that you won't/didn't let go of until the wheels fall off?

on another note.. is anyone watching the NBA finals? i do not like basketball but i pretty much like the finals of any sport. i suffered through this season with my husband the sports junkie, but i do NOT like the heat. i don't. actually, i like miller, but it's wade and james ruining everything for everyone, with their world trade centers falling (i mean who the eff says that) and hour long specials on themselves, and their crybaby attitudes ("i guess everyone got what they wanted, the heat's losing" -- oh cry me a freakin' river). hate is a strong word. but i really, really, really don't like them.  i have a low tolerance for hams that are over the age of twelve (which may or may not be the case for these two guys).

 (let me just say that i'm sure they're not really douche bags in real life and of course i don't "hate" them. i mean, wade is dating [was dating?] gabrielle union so he must not be beyond help... but they are not great PR reps for themselves and i'm sure they don't care. but i wish our young - especially black - "celebrities" would be more positive role models, at the very least in terms of attitude.)

ANYWAY. yay for a tied series. fist pumping from oceanside in favor of a mavs victory tonight. i'd never admit to rooting for a texas team, but the situation is dire.

who are you guys rooting for? let me give you a hint... there is a wrong answer :)

love, me