gracie update no. 2

since i've been promising it for like a week, here's a small update on gracie.

no puppies.. yet. but we can SEE them moving. it's amazing. if you have never had a pregnant dog, it is really interesting and kind of fascinating. we take her for daily walks around the block, and she's panting awfully hard when we get back home. i think she's over the pregnancy awe, if dogs have that. she is getting pretty big.

we have started gating her into the kitchen at night so she won't be tempted to "start" on her bed by our bed. i don't think i could handle that! she seems to like her little spot though, and she goes in there to lay down whenever she gets bored or wants to be alone (she is a girl, after all). we've been taking her temperature (and by we i mean "i"... and it's a rectal thermometer) daily and it's consistently 99-100 (which is normal for dogs). one day it was a bit low, 97, but obviously, no puppies.

it's been a roller coaster!

these are the things we have noticed most prominently:

affection. she was already a cuddler, but it's out of control. she wants to lay with as much body contact as possible. whoever is on the computer, that's usually who she feels like cuddling with -- by getting between your hand and the keyboard. (she's demanding.) one of the websites said she may stare at her "human"... and i laughed because it sounded creepy. but she does.

sloth. haha, ok maybe that's not the right word. but in the last few days she has gotten too uncomfortable to move. she walks SLOWLY on the leash, like i'm dragging her. it takes forever to get around our small block. she won't even sit upright for long before she lays on her side, or like this:

she's so stinkin' cute.
even in the middle of our walk.

and when we're laying out...

restlessness. i'm not sure how this goes with sloth, but when she's not asleep, she's moving from couch to floor to kitchen (linoleum) back to couch to doghouse... it's a lot of movement for someone who doesn't want to play or walk.

so. there's the update. i'll keep you posted as things change, but for now, we wait!

love, me


thankful thursday

so, last week i started something called thankful thursdays. i may offer it as a link up, but for now, i'm just being thankful.

but i have to tell you.. this is a challenge, even on it's second week. after my post last week, my car wouldn't start. this is the same car that we just spent $600 on one month ago, $1200 just a few months back, and $900 at the end of last year. riley has now been towed once this week (would have been twice if she hadn't started randomly after waiting for a two truck for TWO hours in 85 degree weather), twice in a month, three times in 6 months and four times under a year. (and this is only half the story!)

it's getting old.

and my internet was on the fritz all morning. among a million other things.

but let me tell you what. i'm still blessed beyond measure.

so today, i'm grateful for my riley.

not my actual car. but she looks just like this. via

this car is special to me, because we purchased it with the inheritance my grandmother left me when she passed in 2006. the money was to be used to all costs related to schooling, and i needed a car to actually get to a from school from my apartment.

when my grandmother passed, i made a promise to her that i would finish school before i was 25 (i was 22 at the time, and had dropped out of college at 20). it was kind of a pushy goal, but i was determined. it's a long story how i ended up at the school i originally dropped out of, but when i got there i mapped out all of my courses in an elaborate map to be sure i finished in the fall semester of 2008, rather than in spring 09 (i would have turned 25 in march). i could not fail one class, i could not miss one enrollment, and i could not get below a C in any of my major courses.

and every time i hopped into riley for a midnight walmart run, or to do a pledge duty on a weeknight, or a campus drive around, i was reminded of my promise.

and i did it.

i finished school in the fall of 08. i took at least 18 hours every semester, even my last (which included a freshman course), 21 hours once and went through 2 rounds of summer school with 12 hours each. i graduated at the last fall graduation ceremony ouachita will see for a long time, if ever.

but i did it.

so my grandmother (and riley) were a big part of my finishing school before i hit menopause. i'm so sentimental about this vehicle (which has mostly been very reliable, by the way) and i will be really sad to see it go when the time comes.

i guess it's more about nanny than the car, but it's significant to me. which is why i insist on fixing everything that goes wrong with it, no matter the cost (or ... at least i haven't met a threshhold lol).

take some time to ponder...what are you thankful for today?

love, me


wee bit's BACK!!

y'all. wee bit wednesday is back

{one} what’s the #1 most played song on your iPod (or whatever you use)?
i LOVE ipod questions. my top tune on iTunes (since i don't really use my ipod) is "Until the Whole World Hears" by casting crowns. I actually think that's because Sergeant J and I share a computer but I do love that song. probably a more accurate representation is from my htc glacier, which is "Manifesto" by the city harmonic. i'm sure that's my favorite song to come around in a long time.
{two} what’s your favorite type of exercise?
i do not love exercise. but if i had to pick... it would be weights. or swimming.

{three} what’s your least favorite mode of transportation?
i love to fly, but i hate southwest. so they win.

{four} if you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what would it be?
i like my present age (27) but i'd pick a college age if i could be in college with all my friends. i could have done the semester/summer/semester schooling cycle with my pledge class and kappas forEVER.

{five} when you have 30 minutes of free time, what do you use it to do?
my free time is usually stolen, so i do the laziest thing, most brain draining activity i can think of... frontierville.

{six} what do you miss the most about being a kid?
i was initially inclined to agree with leigh ashley and say the lack of responsibility. but if i could keep the lack of responsibility and pair it with the grown up luxury of essentially doing what you want, i'd be in for a pretty lame life ... so i'm going to go ahead and say this: i miss breaks. summer breaks, fall breaks, spring breaks, christmas breaks, teacher work day breaks, ski week breaks... all of those breaks! who can't work for 5 weeks at a time before a big long break?!?!

{seven} when was the last time you were nervous?
hm. i'm nervous every day when i pull into our driveway, that i'll have a litter of puppies on my couch! (yes.. gracie has a whelping area.. but ask me if i think she'll use it!). legitimate nervousness, though.. probably when we first moved on base and i never knew where i was going. i feared that i would make a wrong turn into a top secret testing facility haha.. i never have, don't worry.

{eight} what was the first thing you bough with your own money when you were young?
this is lame... but press-on nails. lol... never failed.

{nine} what is your favorite month of the year?
i love march of course, it's my birthday month, but i think my favorite month is november. i love the thanksgiving season and the beginning of the christmas holiday season! everyone's so nice and cheerful!

{ten} what are 3 songs from the soundtrack of your life?
tough question. manifesto.. in christ alone.. and "that song in my head" by julianne hough lol.

love, me

what i'm actually obsessed with

a themed what i'm loving wednesday this week, in honor of my brand new, half price ......

sewing machine!!!


so here are the projects i'm loving and can't wait to start.

sewing machine cover via
cloth cash envelope wallet. yesss. via

perfect for the farmer's market. i'm going to add a lining with some pockets for cash and my cell phone! via

ok.....maybe one day lol

and... these is not a part of the theme but...

i'm loving my precious dog-daddy husband and his positive mood in the face of bad days! (we got stranded with a car that wouldn't start [AGAIN] yesterday!). 

...and my pregnant puppy and her puppies that i SAW MOVE! (oh my gosh.)


i'm loving my newest blog to stalk, two peeps and a pooch. and of course, gabriella drew me in for good when i saw she's also hosting a giveaway! all i had to hear was "san francisco" and i like it.

go check her out now

what are you loving today?

and... for those of you interested, an update on gracie is coming soon!

love, me


i guess i have an addictive personality

it's official.

i'm taking up crafting.

there are just TOO many cute projects out there that i have to try and i can't take it anymore. (thank you pinterest. i appreciate the motivation.) i can't do anything in moderation.. i have to be obsessed with it. a very dangerous personality trait if you ask me!

you're welcome to stalk my rock it yourself board, but i'll have to warn you.. i'm new-ish to pinterest (i guess everyone is) and it hasn't been organized very well. there may or may not be some things that don't belong. like pomegranate green tea cupcakes... but it's whatever.

next up, my own etsy shop!! (HA!)

have a beautiful weekend my friend, and be inspired.

Source: diyideas.com via aleasa on Pinterest

love, me


five question friday

this is just a meme, but i'll be back before you know it!! go link up and join the fun, won't you?

1. Do you think cursive writing is overrated? (Schools in Indiana have now voted to take teaching cursive writing out of their curriculum.)
I love to write in cursive. I think people are just being lazy.

2. Do you still use a pocket calendar or notepad or do you keep your info on your smart phone?
I have a calendar for my purse and a dry erase board calendar to share with my husband. Ironically, I can't get into the digital calendars/agendas/task lists, though I've tried the coolest apps. Some things don't need to change!

3. What 3 things would you save if your house was burning down? (family & pets are already safe)
After my honey and my little girl, I would save my laptop and external hard drive (yes I admit it.. and yes.. those are one!), my purse (is that cheating too?), and probably the afghan my grandmother knitted for me. It's pretty much the only sentimental thing I own that can't be replaced (pictures are backed up online). 

That's a really tough question and there are one or two more things that I would go for, depending on how in-danger I was to go get them. And Lord, please save my Scentsy inventory! :))

4. Country Mouse or City Mouse, err Person?
City, all the way. I have a deep love and appreciation for the country though,and sometimes I even think I'm in the club. I am not. lol

5. If you could pick ANY reality show to go on, which would you pick?
Real Housewives. Hands down. My life is full of ridiculousness!! If I had to join a cast, I think it would be New Jersey or Orange County!

love, me


thankful thursday

i am starting something that may or may not have been done already. i haven't run into it in my (small) blogosphere, but if you know of a thankful thursday somewhere, just let me know. if y'all are interested in this being a meme, let me know also and i'll create a linky :)


today, i am thankful for grocery stores.  i know that's random. i may be in the minority, but i love love LOVE grocery shopping. there are few things as fulfilling to me as visiting my local grocery store (or in my case, commissary), list and menu in hand, completing the list, toting my bags home, and putting all these things away. it goes back to my love of housewifery.


anyway, if you are one of those who hates grocery shopping, think on these things: there was a time when you had to go to SEVERAL markets/vendors to get the things you needed for everyday life. as much as i love specialty stores, our busy day and time would make it impractical to have to visit a specialty store for all the things we need. who can't appreciate a one-stop-shop for food and toiletries? (and in some cases, a lot more than that!)

even though i often think there are way too many options in the way of brands and varieties, i realize that choice is luxury and i am thankful for that. next time you go to the grocery store and are caught between the old (slow) couple and the woman with six screaming kids (one of whom is yelling "NO!" to her face), think on these things. we are blessed with fresh produce, an abundance of items for all tastes, and above all, choice!

what are you thankful for today?

love, me


long lost friend: what i'm loving wednesday

well, what better way to get back into blogging than join a sweet meme? my favorite day of the week is wednesday and my favorite memes are today, too! leigh ashley is taking a break from wee bit (sigh) so none of that this week. but i'm really excited to see what everyone is loving today!

one. i'm loving JULY! the weather has been so perfect and our calendar is open for more fun in the sun. this is just a great month.. our friend from college is coming to visit next month, we have a fun trip panned for the end of the month (well.. it's military ordered but it will be fun haha), and the farmer's markets are in full swing.

calendar filling up slowly but surely! yay for leisurely life!!

daisies from the market

two. i'm loving my sweet new furbaby. she's making our days very funny and interesting!!

have you ever seen a dog blink in a picture haha!

three. i'm loving housewifery. i'm like, obsessed with being a homemaker. i long to be as devoted to making my home (and keeping track of my home) as the 1920s housewife. i've even downloaded a couple a half dozen early century household management books on my nook. and i've taken to buying dresses. and touching up my make up before i see my hubby. and ditching the tee shirts.. though i still donn one every now and then. i love being a wife! i'll have a post on this later.


four. as always, i'm loving my sweet husband and his concern for our little furbaby and her pending motherhood!

a quick update on gracie. we know NOTHING about pregnant dogs. there are a few places that will allow us to bring her in for the birthing and early weeks (or so i've heard), but she JUST got a new "forever home" and i can't bear the thought of my sweet girl being stressed out in some clinic environment. so... we borrowed our neighbors doghouse and set up the whelping area. we are SO nervous.

anyone who knows anything about labor/weaning/puppy toddlers is welcome to email me! i will be chronicling this adventure here. first of all, i've been googling the heck out of signs that the dog is in labor. i've found pacing, panting, vomiting, lower body temperature, affection, refusing food and nesting (of course) among others.

she has been kind of acting restless, i think she's uncomfortable. she's acted like she was going to vomit a few times, and has definitely been panting for no reason here and there. she's also becoming very preoccupied with the vag (haha.. sorry.. i know that's crude). AND she is having a lot of dreams that are making her growl and show her teeth haha... i have no idea if that means anything but it sure cracks me up. and getting big.. when i tell her to sit, she walks over to a wall so she can lean on it! haha.. cute dog. who wouldn't love this face?

love, me


why i should never be allowed to pick our dogs, and happy birthday america!

i guess i'll start with the obvious.. i suck at blogging! someone needs to point me toward a summer blogging challenge or something, so i feel like my life is interesting!


 i love my country. with all her mistakes and occasional (OK... frequent) ridiculousness, i would not live any other place in the world without orders from God! i am thankful that what man meant for evil, God made good and i am able to enjoy the freedoms this country has to offer. i'm grateful that i can worship freely, without fear or shame, and that my rights are protected because many men have laid down their lives for us. even though it gets on my LAST nerve that there are people who continue to tear down this country (but still live here, amazingly), i'm thankful for a place where people aren't gagged by religion or the government; a place where ideas and ideologies can flourish. yes, there are some less-than-desirable people and messages out there, but i have faith that God's kingdom, above all, will be glorified and his people edified in the end.

and most of all, i thank God that we are even able to fight for these freedoms because we are already free in Christ. so as we celebrate our independence (the good, the bad, and the sometimes ugly), let us remember our dependence on the One who has truly set us free. and let us not forget that freedom is in fact not free. what have you been taking for granted that someone else has paid the price for?


so. i have been pretty busy with our precious little girl. i am so so so in love with my little furbaby. gracie finally has a cute collar and name tag and a HAIR CUT! so.. she was kind of a scraggly mess when we got her.

but she went from nappy to (somewhat) happy with her first visit to the groomer. she may look a little afraid in this picture.. but they put bows in her hair. how do you send a dog from the streets to lapdog? tails a waggin', that's how.

so, as you know, my life can't happen without some ridiculousness. gracie is the cutest dog ever, right? well she also happens to be the best behaved dog, too. she doesn't bark (at least not usually), she is submissive (a little too much so, but we're building up her confidence), she is house trained, obedient, and cuddly. i took her to the vet and she didn't give me a hard time.. i asked the vet if she was pregnant and she even let him poke and prod at her belly without wincing (he said she wasn't, by the way). we have to get her spayed, but i'll bet she even breezes through that.

we have the perfect dog.

except... she keeps getting wider and wider.. and wider...

i think our sweet gracie:

 is soon going to become gr-gr-gracie and the jets.
UGH! why does this happen to me! i just wanted a cute lapdog that had small legs and tired easily with short walks. and i get a street walkin' hussy! (i'm just kidding gracie, i love you) but sheesh. i don't know the first thing about puppies. and i have to go to out of town at the end of this month (i mean.. the military ordered it!) what the heck am i going to do with her likely-multi-fathered litter?

i am hopeless haha...

p.s. i have to something quick for my scentsy lovers out there.

i have recently started doing a POWER HOUR for my customers. SO. if you would like text alerts about said special or just want to know when one's coming or what it's about, visit my facebook page. it's a private group so you'll have to request to join, but if you love you some scentsy, i think you'll find it worth it.

love, me