thankful thursday

i am starting something that may or may not have been done already. i haven't run into it in my (small) blogosphere, but if you know of a thankful thursday somewhere, just let me know. if y'all are interested in this being a meme, let me know also and i'll create a linky :)


today, i am thankful for grocery stores.  i know that's random. i may be in the minority, but i love love LOVE grocery shopping. there are few things as fulfilling to me as visiting my local grocery store (or in my case, commissary), list and menu in hand, completing the list, toting my bags home, and putting all these things away. it goes back to my love of housewifery.


anyway, if you are one of those who hates grocery shopping, think on these things: there was a time when you had to go to SEVERAL markets/vendors to get the things you needed for everyday life. as much as i love specialty stores, our busy day and time would make it impractical to have to visit a specialty store for all the things we need. who can't appreciate a one-stop-shop for food and toiletries? (and in some cases, a lot more than that!)

even though i often think there are way too many options in the way of brands and varieties, i realize that choice is luxury and i am thankful for that. next time you go to the grocery store and are caught between the old (slow) couple and the woman with six screaming kids (one of whom is yelling "NO!" to her face), think on these things. we are blessed with fresh produce, an abundance of items for all tastes, and above all, choice!

what are you thankful for today?

love, me

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  1. This would be a fun link-up! I love thinking positively!