day one: me!

day one: introduce yourself.

i'm aleasa.

i'm a military wife with ambitions of being ridiculously organized, extremely efficient, important in someone's chain of command, having optimistic and intelligently cynical opinions, a theology and christian history guru, susie homemaker with a daily, weekly and monthly cleaning schedules, a cook and baker, and a ton of fun... all at once. i do none of these things at the moment.

this is my least favorite kind of prompt. so hello. nice to meet you. :)

love, me

link up and hop along!


  1. haha.. I love that last sentence! :D It's great getting to know you!!

    {Thank you for the comment on my testimony! It was a blessing!!}

    -Many Smiles! & I look forward to getting to know you more through the blog challenge!

  2. I too wish I could be defined as a Suzie homemaker. My hubby called me that but most days I don't feel like it! Can't wait to read more about you as the challenge goes on! :)

  3. stopping by from the challenge ... this is my least favorite type of prompt as well, but it was lovely to to get to know a bit about you! looking forward to learning more as the month goes on =)

  4. Hi! I'm hopping around my 1st Challenge/Blog Hop and came across your page - the puppies got me!!! I am going to link up via GFC, Facebook, NetworkedBlogs, Twitter of the ones you have.

    Hope you'll come by and check-out my blog!

    Take Care, MB_WOO.MOM