thirty day music challenge

of course, the only way i can be a good blogger is if i find a challenge! so i stumbled on one at beliefnet, of all places. this one has a music theme which i love.. so i hope i'll have answers for all of them. there is no link up so there won't be a surge in followers, but i think it will be fun, no less.

so. it started today ... i'll be back with TWO new posts, one for this challenge and one for gracie.

30 Day “Gospel Soundcheck” Christian Music Challenge
Day 1: All time favorite Christian song or hymn
Day 2: Christian song you’d like to see an “American Idol” contestant sing next season
Day 3: Favorite all time Christian/gospel album
Day 4: Favorite worship song
Day 5: Song that makes you embarrassed to say you listen to Christian music
Day 6: Christian song you love that your friends have probably never heard
Day 7: INTERACTIVE CHALLENGE Sing a song you learned in Sunday School
Day 8: Song featuring your favorite male vocalist
Day 9: Song featuring your favorite female vocalist
Day 10: Favorite hymn
Day 11: Most overrated Christian band
Day 12: Most underrated Christian band
Day 13: Favorite Christian song on mainstream radio
Day 14: INTERACTIVE CHALLENGE Sing a song you think you sing better than the original artist sang it
Day 15: Song that makes you feel closer to God
Day 16: Your favorite summer camp song
Day 17: Song that inspires you
Day 18: Last song you sang in church
Day 19: Christian song you’d like to never hear again
Day 20: Song that best describes your spiritual journey
Day 21: INTERACTIVE CHALLENGE Sing a church/youth group song that has hand movements (and make sure you do them!)
Day 22: Hymn or spiritual song you sing but have no idea what it’s actually about
Day 23: Song you pretended was Christian so you could listen to it around your parents
Day 24: Most overplayed Christian song
Day 25: Worship song that no one should ever be allowed to record ever again
Day 26: Christian song you’re embarrassed to say you love
Day 27: Band that disappointed you most when you saw them live
Day 28: INTERACTIVE CHALLENGE Sing your favorite VeggieTales song
Day 29: Traditional hymn you’d like to see redone with a more modern sound
Day 30: Mainstream song you’d like to sing in church

love, me

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