day two, and 5qf

day two: about my blog. 

i talked about this once before in this post. basically, it came from two sources: the first being my pastor saying "happy wife, happy life" (lol) and the popular "no bad days" sticker.

it's a philosophy.
i guess it's not really about being happy but about being joyful in all things. as a believer, i have faith that all things are working together to the ultimate glory of God, including the things that we don't understand. just being given the gift of a salvation i didn't deserve is enough. of course, not every day is fun or easy or "happy" but i know that i have a hope that is greater than the worst "luck" working against us all some days. so, it's not a fake and unrealistic life philosophy...

as far as what i write, i have absolutely no theme other than every day life. there is no reason anyone should be interested in what happens to me. (except when i fall in public, inherit a pregnant dog, encounter all kinds of critters, or have a dramatic, out-of-shape five mile walk.) i have expanded the  blog to include a dedicated cooking and genealogy section, neither of which i have updated recently. i blame the six puppies that turned my kitchen into a play pen.

occasionally, i also give away free scentsy. you know you love that part.

so tell me about your blog and link up with katie for her 30 day challenge! (see bottom of post for the hop!!)

AND it's been a long hiatus from five question friday, so i'm linking up with mama m. again for old time's sake.

1. Shoes in the house - yay or nay? ideally, nay. i think shoes are gross. but the truth is i don't really like being barefoot either. especially on non-carpeted floors. and yes, that includes my bathroom floor. my answer has been to compromise by having "house shoes", which tend to be one of about fifteen pairs of old navy flip flops.

2. What do you call them- flip flops, slippers, thongs, etc? flip flops -- thongs make me think of butts haha.butt floss for your feet! yuck.(nothing against actual thongs, by the way. they are practical and impractical at the same time.. and anything that lives in a conundrum like that makes me happy.)
3. What song are you almost embarrassed to admit you know all the lyrics to? pretty much any britney spears song... i know a few. in fact, i had one of her albums, the one with oops on it lol. i get it. some of you love her, but she was a joke in my circle of friends. sorry.

4. What is the best quality to have in a friend? this is a strange answer, but friends who take the initiative. i am not a good friend -- if we don't live in the same city, it's difficult for me to keep in touch. i LOVE my out of town friends as much as i ever have, it's just a hard concept. i don't really like talking on the phone. so, maybe friends who take the initiative, and are persistent. and don't have their feelings easily hurt. i'm a terrible person.

5. Do you know what you want for Christmas? my parents to come visit. and a couch. but i'm probably only going to get one of those.. and i am quite happy to sit on a broken couch for another year.


love, me


  1. i hate the feeling of floor crumbs on my feet so i definitely wear my flippy flops in the house also. especially the kitchen.

  2. Something similar happened to my family too only it was a pregnant CAT! lol Gotta love those unlucky moments. Oh and I'm turning into a Scentsy fanatic!! My hubby and I got a big warmer and the thunderstorm scent for our wedding and my friend just became a seller so I'm in big trouble. :P

  3. We inherited a pregnant cat when we were first moved to the town where we live now!