days 3-5: weekend post

i decided to combine the weekend topics into one post. my weekend wasn't really interesting enough to write about, so on to the challenge!

Day 3: Tell us about your job
Day 4: Tell us about your family
Day 5: Share a picture of something that makes you happy 

day three: my job

i work at a church, in the facilities department. i basically receive and process room requests and help manage the maintenance and janitorial teams. some days i love it, some days it is really challenging to deal with people. members of churches can sometimes feel very entitled to the space... and their less-than-christian side comes out. i have an awesome, awesome boss, and i love most of my co-workers to death. i go back and forth between wanting to stay at home full time or up my part-time hours to work full time. i have a hard time making decisions haha..

my second job is that i sell scentsy. and it is work. but it's fun work. if you haven't heard of scentsy, you should check it out.. i love all the pretty warmers and smelling the scents. i love making samples and visiting my customers every month with monthly specials. i love collecting and sorting through orders. it's like a hobby or volunteer work that i love and get paid for!

my MAIN job, of course, is being a wife/cook/entertainer/home manager. i'm obsessed with home cooking and recently, home economics (homemade cleaners, sewing, DIY projects and decorating, budgeting, etc). as i mentioned in the first post of this challenge, i want to be susie homemaker. badly. and i'm getting there!

day four: my family.

it's just me, the Sarge, and gracie.

oh yeah, and her six puppies.

i do have an amazing extended family as well. my folks are awesome. i am the youngest and only female child of four. and by youngest, i mean youngest. my nearest brother is 12 years older than me! i even have in-laws that i happen to like. we're totally different families, but thank God i inherited a loving "new" family. everyone has family drama, and we have plenty.. but i adore my family none the less. you can read a little more about my family here.

day 5: something that makes me happy 

i live here. i see gorgeous sunsets over the ocean from my living room window every evening. our life is so richly blessed that sometimes i can't handle it. God has completely showed out in our relationship and marriage... i could not ask for more.

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love, me


  1. You are so blessed, what a gorgeous view to see each day.

  2. That view sure would make me happy too!