can i tell you about my last 24 hours?

first of all. i have six puppies. i can't believe i thought i could participate in a blogging challenge. they are crazy. they have just found out that they can pick things up in their mouth -- and steal things out of their siblings' mouths. it's so stinkin' cute.

what is not cute is that they continue to jump out of their "puppy area". and can't get back inside in time to poop on the pad (which they are amazingly good at doing, usually). and poop on the floor. it doesn't happen as much as it feels like i suppose, but when you're the one cleaning up after them all, it is quite overwhelming. even if it is only 2 or 3 times a day.. it feels like a hundred times. i have puppy postpartum. i love them, but there are times that i wish i could just leave them to roll around in their poop and never see them again.

then we had the massive power outage yesterday, that you may or may not have heard of (or experienced). ALL of san diego county, some of orange county, east riverside county, the imperial valley, palm springs... millions of homes from the coast to yuma, az and beyond (including northern mexico) lost power yesterday afternoon.

i was at home and the Sarge had come to change clothes before a hair cut when it went out. he called me a few minutes after he left and said that he thought all of base was out. then we found out oceanside was out. then san diego county.

my first thought?


i think it was everyone's first thought.

but it was likely one guy -- "carrying out a procedure". sucks to be that guy.

anyway, we decided to take the pups outside since we couldn't rot our brains on tv. but, about dusk i realized i should clean up the kitchen and cook dinner (we have a gas stove). thanks to scentsy, i was running low on the candle front so i rushed to get that all done before nightfall.

imagine life back in the time of no electricity. i would sleep SO much. 

and now our water on base is not safe. but i won't complain. there are a lot hotter and wetter problems across the country.

anyway. i may be back with some challenge posts, but no promises. here is some puppy cuteness for your afternoon :)

love, me

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  1. The cutest puppies! But I think six would be totally overwhelming!