what better way to re-appear?

 ...than on my favorite link up?

 okay. this is a double duty wilw. i will update you on my life and tell you how great things are!

first. i'm loving a house FREE of puppies. i mean. REALLY loving it. i thought the puppies were precious and cute and sweet and funny and all those good things, but they also pooped on my floor and woke me up in the middle of the night. and wouldn't stop nursing (what?). and almost drove me literally out of my mind. so i'm glad it's just us three again.

so cute. but glad they're gone.
second. i'm loving a new found joy. i needed a refresher and somehow, i got one. as you know, we have had trouble conceiving and well, that whole journey has been one big disappointment but you know what... sometimes God is SAVING YOU FROM SOMETHING... do ya'll know what i'm talking about? i don't know if that's the case but i trust the Lord and that means i have to trust his timing and his plan.

third. all this joy has brought me to a place where i am a] not avoiding leaving the house (for the most part); b] not dreading social interaction; c] not ditching work; and, most excitingly -- WORKING OUT. and this means.. i am LOVING the c25k app and that last tuesday, for the first time in many (many) attempts, i ran all the intervals! last night (also a tuesday) i ran all the NINETY SECOND intervals. that's a minute and a half ya'll. what what?!?! ...and my mantra?

fourth. i'm loving true blood. and homeland. these helped me while i was depressed :) hello premium television!


fifth. i'm loving my dog. she is finally spayed and we are no longer at risk for family expansions!!

sixth. i'm LOVING my small group. my women's small group is studying the tabernacle and let me tell you... diving into God's word is the quickest way to refresh yourself. seeing his unfailing love for us, consistently throughout scripture--from eden to end times--has no parallel on this earth. how i thirst to know him more! plus, i met a fun new friend. 

and as always.. i'm loving my supportive, sometimes not-knowing-what-to-say, sweet, strong, southern MAN!! :))  

life is good heree. i hope all is well for you guys. see you soon (very soon)!

love, me