well y'all, i survived christmas and the new year!

christmas is really one of my favorite times of the year, not just because i get to be blown away by the incredible sacrifice our Lord made for us by coming down from heaven, but also because people are just a little friendlier (except -- not in the stores!). the older i get, the more i believe in the idea of "holiday cheer". i love new years too, because there is nothing like a "clean slate".

we didn't do much this christmas. it didn't even feel like christmas. it was hot. the sarge and i went outside with gracie and hung out on our back lawn for a while before the sun beat us into submission. then we went and had dinner with a new-ish friend. this was the first christmas that i didn't go to church ON christmas or the day before -- which was weird. our church had services starting on thursday. 

other than that, we didn't exchange gifts, really. except gracie -- she got greenies because her breath is so bad haha. but it's time for a new year. you know surviving the holidays is a big deal for my high-anxiety, but i even met some nice gals along the way.

have you made any new year's resolutions yet? i am committing to trying new things in 2012. off the shelf in 2012 -- that's my motto. why not be great this year? i'm praying for the sarge every day -- 31 one days to pray for your spouse. how are you kicking off the new year?

love, me

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