random updates

so, now that things are less hectic and i'm in a better place, i decided i should get back to updating everyone on my random life.

i know.

you're excited.

i'd like to blame the layout that i made: it's cute but uninspiring. so i'll be updating that soon. here are the things you'll want to know to catch up with me and the sarge...

1. we took a three week vacation to arkansas. we drove. gracie came with us... AMAZING.

 she saw her first snow...

2. we adopted a baby.

ok just kidding... that's our nephew. but we did decide we want to adopt, rather than go the fertility route. maybe, just maybe, i'll get one of these:

3. we are getting a new couch... praise the lord. this is the one i love the most -- it's SO comfy!

4. we had our two year anniversary! yay! the sarge did SUCH a good job. he SURPRISED me and took me to catalina!

5. we decorated our FIRST christmas tree. it's REAL. it's the sarge's first real tree, ever, and my first one in a long time. it smells HEAVENLY in this house!

well, merry christmas. (hopefully) i'll see you WELL before christmas :)

love, me

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