Giving Thanks days - 3 & 4

Hi there friends.

Yesterday was a fun day. I had a mother/daughter Posh party, then had dinner with the friends Nikki and Sasha, THEN got to see my long lost Christina! Most of you know but if you don't, I'm a total hermit and it's hard to get me out of the house for ONE fun time, much less three :) I'm glad I have persistent friends who are willing to fight for me haha.

So, since I was so busy, I didn't get to write. But here I am now.

For day THREE, I'm really grateful for my military community. It's hard being "newlyweds" (even though it's been three years!). Learning to live with someone is both fun and challenging on its own, but then the military throws in as many tricks and treats as they can. And yes, there are some really, really lame people that you meet as with anything... But the blessings (as usual) outweigh the burden. Most of the people we have met have been quick to befriend us, honest and genuine. Most of the non-military community in towns with military presence are the same way. It really is a lifestyle that no one understands until they have experienced it. I don't know how to describe it any better than that. I love the military. I love being a military spouse. It has allowed me so many opportunities I would probably have not had otherwise. Just a few of these things are amazing health insurance (especially for a sickly like myself), the chance to be a homemaker (which some may find subversive but I LOVE), and the chance to travel (and live) all over the country and potentially the world. Too awesome.

And for today, I am thankful for Netflix lol. I was so mad at them when they introduced the streaming feature and raised their prices like thirteen times in six months or whatever it was and I vowed never to go back. BUT the prospect of a deployment, and saving money by cutting things like cable, have reintroduced me to the idea of streaming video. And there are SO many shows that I don't watch because I'm always late in the game, or shows that I completely missed (like... Lost). And now... now they are available to me! For hours upon hours upon hours of nonstop entertainment! Shut up! Who's idea was this?! Thank you!!

Of course, this blessing is also a curse, because I have a goal of reading a lot of books while the Sarge is gone and well.. it just might not happen :)

love, me


Giving Thanks -- Day 2

Today I am thankful for my parents!

I have awesome parents and I got to talk to them today so they are on my mind.

First of all, I'm really blessed to have both of my parents still with me and the thought of losing them crosses my mind occasionally. My maternal grandma passed about six years ago (wow.. can't believe it's been that long) and seeing my mom go through it gave me hope because of her faith, but it also broke my heart to hear her talk about all the memories and the pain of losing a mom. Anyway, my folks are alive and together and I wish I'd appreciated them more and earlier!

My dad is a pastor and we have the greatest theological conversations. He seems like the strong silent type but he's crazy hilarious when he gets in his silly mood -- and I wish I had the ability to pull off the serious thing. He also has the faith of a saint and I can only aspire to the strength of his spirit.

My mom is my best friend. We had a rough high school period, and I often think about how much time I wasted with her. She has so much wisdom and I could have been benefiting from it much earlier in life! She is funny and sassy but has a precious quiet spirit that I wish I had.

Together they model a marriage that I hope for! They are incessantly forgiving and, even though they are completely different, they complement one another beautifully. What shining examples of faith meeting life -- I am indeed grateful for these precious folks I get to call mom and dad!

love, me

Giving Thanks -- Day 1

 Attitude of gratitude right?

Today I am thankful for country music! (I know, the first day is supposed to be salvation. But I didn't want to be cliche. And the CMAs are on.)

I LOVE country music. I love Brad Paisley. I LOVE Blake and Miranda. I love Johnny Cash. I love Zac Brown. I love Eric Church. I love Carrie Underwood (I know). I adore Faith Hill. I do not love Taylor Swift (you see how I did that?). I could go on and on -- I think almost all my favorite songs are country songs. I love beer, guns, floating the river and being inappropriate all in good fun. I love the country life. (And yes, this San Francisco girl knows something about living in the country! If they are burning leaves in the "town limits" you're in the country lol.) I love everything about it!!

And I am thankful that there are still somewhat wholesome forms of entertainment out there that aren't as empty as Rhianna or as vulgar as, say, Lil Wayne (there are probably more modern examples but those are the ones I have heard of lol). Thank you Lord. Thank you for these guitar playin', boot wearin', gun totin', America lovin', Jesus praisin' country guys and gals who don't care what highfalutin people think of their down home country ways.
Yes. Yes. Praise the Lord for COUNTRY MUSIC!!

love, me


whatever's in front of me.

sorry the first line is cut off on this video.. 
but it's just a great performance!


who can hold the stars
and my broken heart 
who can do everything?
i've fallen so hard
sometimes i feel so far
but not beyond your reach

i can climb a mountain
swim the ocean
do anything 
but it's when you hold me
i start unfolding 
all that i can say is 

whatever's in front of me 
help me to sing hallelujah
whatever's in front of me 
i'll choose to sing hallelujah

the same sun
theat rises over castles
welcomes the day 
spills over buildings
into the streets 
where orphans play 
and only you 
can see the good 
in broken things
you took my heart of stone 
and you made it whole 
and set this prisoner free 

whatever's in front of me 
help me to sing hallelujah
whatever's in front of me
i'll choose to sing hallelujah


what i'm loving wednesday: the comeback edition!

I figured that since I'm back, I'd just link back up with one of my favorite weekly posts like I never left! Since this IS the "happy life" blog and we like to focus on the excellent and praiseworthy here, it's a fitting come back :)

So here is what I'm loving this Wednesday.

i'm loving... political season. i know. i'm weird. i like politics. i used to be super obsessed and "informed" and i've stepped back to focus on more kingdom minded stuff -- but you just can't ignore it in october of an election year! and i mostly disagree with all my friends on facebook politically, so i have to stay off there most of the time... but honestly, what i really love is that the election is almost here (and it will be over.) but yeah, i'm the nerd who likes politics!


i'm loving... the GIANTS taking it to the house on the cardinals on monday, and looking forward to another one this afternoon :))

from the giants FB page

i'm loving... christmas posh. i'm OBSESSED with the peppermint sugar scrub. i know, i know. but seriously... EVERYBODY is getting these lil' guys for christmas!

and as always, i'm loving my sweet sweet hubby who wakes up early enough to sit with me and chat in the mornings. sweet boy :))

love, me


the return

I thought it would be fun to tell you what I have been doing while I have been missing in action in the blog world. First of all, I MISSED y'all! I hope that my faithful readers and new friends haven't completely abandoned or forgotten me.

And what have I been doing? Well I've been doing a LITTLE bit of productive stuff and a LOT of unproductive!

As for unproductive, I watched all four seasons of Breaking Bad. Yes. I did. Those of you that know ANYTHING about me know I don't watch a lot of TV, and pretty much the only way I'll watch a show is if the season are already on DVD and at least half the country has already seen and discussed them. My neighbor suggested this show to me one week and, not a full month later, I'd watched all four seasons. Don't judge me. If she wasn't moving, I would be watching Lost (and you know what a mess that is). I like watching shows about things I don't know anything about. And, well, I don't know much about illegal substances. I didn't even know you had to "cook" drugs lol. Call me lame. Anyway, this show is really well written and I love the character Walt. He's really, REALLY complex.

In a similar unproductive note, I've recently (like yesterday) started watching The Walking Dead. I just like zombies, what can I say. I'm weird in that way. I played Undead Redemption longer than I played Red Dead Redemption (that may not be entirely true). Zombies are creepy and dangerous, but the good news is their self-preservation need and skill died with their soul (I suppose). Also, they are almost completely unable to climb.. which makes all the difference. And yes, we have a plan for the zombie apocalypse, thanks to the Sarge's coworker who, well... plans for that kind of thing lol.

Speaking of which.. I almost signed up for a 5k whose website is runforyourlives.com. Yeah.

favorite of all time.
Let me just pause and ask, why haven't I been watching AMC for the past 3 or 4 years? I've never been much into series television (with the exception of a few sitcoms) because I have a terrible time remembering when they come on. Also I am not very patient.

ANYWAY, the productive stuff is a LOT less fun. I've written papers with titles like "A PERSONAL MODEL AND PHILOSOPHY OF CHRISTIAN EDUCATION" and "EDUCATIONAL MINISTRY PROPOSAL" and on subjects like sacrificial imagery in the gospels of John and Mark... yeah. Productive stuff. 

I also delivered a testimony speech to all the trustees and several donors and alumni at the annual GGBTS Trustee dinner. If you don't know much about the SBC, I'd say that is significant. A black woman speaking to a room full Southern Baptists is.. well.. amazing. I'm so proud to be associated with a denomination that is evolving. 

Okay, that's enough for today. Here's to hopin' I'm back before the summer :)



finally summertime.

Well, I'm only kind of back from the dead. I've really missed writing, taking a few moments a couple times a week just to say what I've been doing and thinking about. But, life is so busy that I'm not sure how much I can commit to. What's new?!

Speaking of back from the dead, I haven't decided if I'm going to revive the Heritage Kitchen. It's only a separate blog because it started out that way. I am not sure how many recipes I'm going to be posting in the future. Grad school is hard! I hardly have time to make dinner, much less post about it.

BUT the fun news I have is related to food. The Sarge and I have decided to join a weekly organic produce delivery. I want to put updates on this blog so I can remember the fun recipes we try for all the different kinds of produce we'll be receiving, starting next Tuesday. And I know that makes everyone reading really excited.

Here's what I've done in the past few months:

Joined Perfectly Posh
Spent a month away from home, 
taking classes in the SF Bay Area

view from outside the academic building

lived here:

Dropped my NEW phone in the toilet

not my actual photo lol ::: via
But got a sweet NEW new phone

ate awesome food

Puerto Rican food -- organic beef, plantains, pink beans and the best limeade EVER.

indian-mexican fusion (yes) -- pumpkin & crab enchiladas
this place also had indian-cajun food. SO good!
and most importantly, celebrated the Sarge's birthday 
we saw Brave. 
I got home on his actual birthday, so we spent the next day hanging out just like when we were dating. so precious. 

Cheers friends. Until next time!
love, me


YOU are an awesome blossom


Allyce S. 

You have 48 hours to respond to my email. Congrats again and thanks everyone for entering! 

Didn't win this time? Buy Posh online. Perfectly Posh is ALWAYS buy 5 get 1 FREE. Email me if you're interested in earning posh for free by hosting a home or portable party, or making some extra cash!

Want another chance to get poshed for free? Watch out for a very "footsie" surprise on my facebook page. Someone might win SEVEN pedicures! :)

love, me



 have you entered my giveaway? enter to win some perfectly posh products and pamper yourself!! monday's the last day!

hey everyone! happy friday. i've been busy doing poshy business, and haven't had really any time to settle down and type! fortunately, they make memes for that :)

1. Who mows your grass?
lincoln military housing. on thursdays. thank you lord!

2. Do you have a picture wall or picture gallery in your house (show us! <--- my addition to the question)?
i do not. i've been thinking about it for three years, and now we're moving. i'll have to light a fire under my behind and do it at our next home!

3. What book has influenced your thinking the most? Or, what blog? (I want to read what gets people thinking!)
i enjoyed the shack. and of course the bible, but (for me) that goes without saying. 

i'd have to say the MOST influencing book i've read recently was Orthodoxy by G.K. Chesterton. but it's kind of a tough read -- it was written in what is now rather antiquated english. but WELL worth fighting through. 

and of course, mere christianity by c.s. lewis. and ANYTHING by tozer.  

4. Do you have allergies? If so, how do you handle it this time of year?
no, not really. occasionally i'll struggle with a stuffy nose in the morning, but vacuuming my mattress has helped with that!

5. What's your go to meal to cook in an hurry?
pasta with ham and peas. i just sautee some onions and garlic, throw in some ham, and pepper and toss it with butter, pasta and peas (i cook the peas during the last 3-4 minutes of the pasta boiling -- i only use frozen or fresh veggies). 

love, me


help me launch!

I'll bet you haven't heard of Perfectly Posh.

Perfectly Posh offers pampering that is spa-grade, long-lasting, and a fabulous experience. We fragrance with high-quality perfumes and essential oils. Our products, made in the USA, are PURE  are free of parabens, paraffins, SLS, gluten and soy, and are preserved with vitamin E! Many of our products are even vegan. You can take care of yourself with products that will please you both mind and body.

This business is brand new. We JUST launched in October of 2011, and are growing rapidly.  We have over 80 pampering products from your face to your feet, including bombinators (bath fizzies), skin lotions and slathers, foot care products, liquid and bar soaps, lip balms and glosses, and more.

But why, Aleasa? WHY? 
I had been thinking about signing up for a second home business venture for a while. I was happy with the money I was making and the effort I was putting forth to make it (very little), but I really wanted to find another business to help me bring in enough for us to make a car payment. (I could do this with one company -- but what's the rule? DIVERSIFY!!)

So here I am. Being Perfectly Posh. And I LOVE it. It's a super duper business opportunity. Since we're so new, it's what they call a 'ground floor' opportunity. And, it is. But nothing is going to be awesome unless you MAKE it awesome. You can join a company with hundreds of thousands of consultants and be a rockstar, or a company with 10 and still blow it. It's not about the company -- it's about you and what you want.

Have you ever thought about direct sales? 
I avoided home party people like the plague, and now I'm starting a second one. So I think it's safe to say that there's nothing scary or weird involved (like I thought). If you've EVER had any questions about it, or considered it, shoot me an email. I'll answer ANY question you can think of. Of course, we want to build teams, of course.

Also, I always want to put it out there.. you do NOT have to ask people to sell. I personally just want to build a Poshin' team and would love the opportunity to be a leader to gals like me, who thought this wasn't for them. And this is not just about stay at home wives and moms. There are full-time people in the corporate world who STILL sell tons of products. That's why these are great ventures.. YOU'RE the boss. And no one knows when you need a break better than you :)

this is a bombinator. put it in your bath, then put yourself in. repeat.

Soo.. what's this all about? 


Right now, we have over 80 products. Hop on over to posh.aleasa.net and check us out. You can also email me at ohmyposh@aleasa.net if you have any questions or are interested in purchasing or signing up. And if you buy 5 items at $8 or more, get the sixth free! That's no Spring Special.. that's always!


To expose my friends to Posh, and to have them expose their friends to Posh, I'm hosting a gnarly G I V E A W A Y!! Enjoy our Awesome Blossom pampering pack, featuring a luxurious cherr blossom slather, 3 cherry butter minibombinators, and a cherry vanilla lip butter to boot. 

Enter to win! Giveaway ends midnight 4/16!
Be first to experience Posh
and make all your friends jealous!



when i survey the wondrous cross..

Happy Easter friends!

Today was fabulous. Just considering the importance of this day -- without a resurrection Sunday, there is no Christian faith -- just blows my mind. Our church had Tri Tip after service. It was amazing. Plus, the weather is beautiful and it's baseball season and I have a package coming on Tuesday that I'm REALLY excited about. It's just a dang good day!

this photo (that i took in jerusalem) makes an appearance on my blog as least once a year! i just LOVE it!

I'm in the process of writing a small 3 or 4 session bible study surveying the cross for a followup of Easter. Would you be interested in reading and critiquing it? I have never written anything in this form before, but I would love to share it with y'all if you're interested. That, and knowing that people are waiting on me will put some fire under my toes!

Please email me at hello [at] aleasa [dot] net and let me know if you'd like to survey the cross with me!

Happy Easter! :))

love, me


motivation monday (fail)

  well everyone. i'm back to wanting to lose weight.

WELL... i've always wanted to lose weight. but i'm back to trying.

Source: google.com via aleasa on Pinterest

...because let's be honest. ain't no 7-day, 2-week, 30-day magic routine or milkshake that's gonna get you where you need to be. there is a magical thing called surgery, but i won't go there.


gracie ate 40 chicken wing bones yesterday by breaking into the closet that houses our garbage can. we really really thought we'd gotten her away from raiding the garbage. obviously, we keep it locked up anyway... but we hardly wonder what's on the other side of the kitchen door when we pull into the garage.

well, it was an empty hooters takeout box. bleh.


needless to say, she was not feeling good yesterday, and started to, erm, excrete the so called treasures of her little sunday escapade.


so i was up at 4:30 am, without a chance at getting back to sleep and desperate to keep her off my LIGHT carpet.

so i took her for a walk.

at five am.

i just thought, 'you know what? i'm always complaining that i can't wake up this early and here i am awake.. ma as well make the most of it!'


so naturally it follows that i had to eat something healthy-ish for breakfast. i meant to make myself some oatmeal, but (somehow) left late.

 this post was SUPPOSED to be about oatmeal from starbucks, jamba juice, mcdonald's and chik fil a... and about how i'm not obsessed with dumping a quarter cup of brown sugar and butter on my oats. but that's going to have to wait.

this post is way too long.

BUT i have one more thing to say... GRACIE started vomiting and pooping so much that we had to make an emergency vet visit. ridiculous. i drove an hour from orange county to get to her, and an hour back for class at 5. she's obnoxious.

UPDATE on gracie and a note about why motivation monday came on tuesday: $200, fluids, and a few rounds of anti-nausea and anti-diarrhea meds. *sigh* but she's doing okay. she hasn't been sick since last night and she's feeling (or acting) more like herself this morning. poor thing... but this dog is going to be the end of our savings account!

love, me


the big 'i' word : infertility

I have some intense feelings and opinions about this topic. I've been surfing the 'net for the past hour or so, and there is a lot out there about infertility treatment, parenting "alternatives", living childless or child-free, both by choice and by circumstance, and most of all, lots of angry words from the rabid childless and the non-compassionate parents. It's a whirlwind.

Until recently, I have remained out of the conversation for several reasons. But I'm not sure I can hold my tongue anymore.

Are any of you dealing with infertility, or have you dealt with it? Is it worth reading yet another opinion on the matter? Of course, this won't completely determine whether or not I write on the subject, just give me some insight. Please email me at hello at aleasa dot net.

For the record, this is where I stand:

1. I have PCOS. (It is estimated that 3 of every 4 women diagnosed with PCOS will require assistance to conceive. It is certainly not a block to fertility, but has a significant negative impact.)

2. I am currently struggling with even liking kids, although I'm almost 100 percent certain it has to do with our difficulty conceiving.

3. I do not feel comfortable with the ethics of most treatments for infertility and will not pursue treatments beyond a certain point. That's not up for debate.

4. I think our society is very family-oriented, and I have experienced increasing feelings of alienation because of it. Many of these feelings are admittedly self-inflicted, but they're there none the less. Have you ever had anyone ask you "when you plan on starting your family"? Because me and the Sarge don't qualify as one, I suppose. Not to mention that the main "event" for most of our married friends (especially in the military) between maybe 25 and 50 is child rearing. Keeps things interesting.

5. We have always wanted to adopt, even before this "adventure". We probably will at some point. But I don't want it to be because we can't conceive. I want it to be because we're being compassionate to God's heart for orphans. That means I have some emotional healing to do ... the Sarge might, too.

6. More and more of our friends are procreating. That makes this a sensitive subject because there are less and less people to whom we can relate. And I have issues with relating to people as it is. So it's a double whammy. I'm internalizing a lot more than I think I should. This probably requires its own post lol.

7. Doesn't seem like we fit into a category for support. We aren't trying every medical option out there.. and will not. We haven't decided to live "childfree". We don't hate kids, but we don't hate having a home without them, either. We aren't really suffering, but there are some really tough days. It's like we're in infertility limbo. I can't find one forum or sounding board in which I'm represented... Apparently no one feels the way I do haha! What's new?

So, anyway... that's us. 

This post will not be open for comments. I don't need any sympathy notes.. but please email me if you'd like to chat.

love, me


i'm 'A' hero!

apparently there aren't a lot of people with type A- blood, so the american red cross harasses me every 56 days to give blood. last time i gave blood, we went to chuck e cheese afterward.. and let's just say that was a disaster.

i thought it couldn't get worse.

i gave blood on sunday (my birthday... ) it seemed like such a great idea at the time! so, of course, i felt kind of light-headed and dizzy afterward.

to be expected.

and when i went to bed, i thought... "hm.. my throat is a little scratchy..."

fast forward about 18 hours and i'm sitting in class, shivering violently in what was supposedly a 'warm' room. one of my classmates felt my forehead and said i seemed warm and should maybe go home. which i did.

and do you know what my temperature was?


that's like a freaking radio station. not a temperature.

so i've been self medicating with nyquil and drinking water and iced tea like it's going out of style.

but lord, i hope i saved a life!

love, me


friday memes because i feel like it

happy (early) friday. what are y'alls plans for the weekend? i'm haning out in sunny san diego with my dear friend nicole and i'm excited. i always have fun down there with her. anyway.. i came back for another post. perhaps there is hope?

and, well.. everyone needs a little writing inspiration! :)

fill in the blank friday!
with lauren

1.  The highlight of my week was   an awesome, awesome small group with my ladies on Tuesday and making plans for a fun weekend with a good friend! .

2.   If I had to classify my interior design aesthetic it would be   traditional. except in my kitchen.. that is just a bundle of who what when and where! but yes. traditional. we just bought this couch and a matching loveseat and i loooooove it. we're going to ditch the pillows before long though... .

3.  My first vehicle was   a 1992 honda accord lx! it was maroon with a grey interior and it was the bomb.com .

4. An item I need to have in my day in order to function is  water and lip gloss. is that weird? .

5. My favorite way to waste time is  well... a little pinterest, and a little facebook gaming that i am just not ready to divulge in the public arena! and sleep. always sleep .

6. Right now I could really go for   liposuction lol (i ate too much and i'm feeling like i overdid it!!) .

7.  This weekend I will be   doing LOTS of homework. like.. lots. and helping my friend clean her house! .

five question friday hop!

1. Where is your favorite vacation spot and why?
i have never been, but i'm gonna go out on a limb and say that i die to think of the amalfi coast in italy. but i think anywhere in that country would do. 
if we're talking reality.. well, victoria (canada) or catalina island are probably my favorite two places so far. they're so pretty and i feel fancy and relaxed and just.. happy. that's what vacation is all about, right?
2. What is your biggest guilty pleasure?
i LOVE the real housewives of orange county. and sometimes new jersey.
i feel so guilty about it because i kind of feel sorry for them but their drama is so juicy. :)))

3. What is your favorite fashion trend right now? Or, in the past?
my favorite.. hmm.. i'm not really trendy so this could be totally off. but i love coral, teal and gold. it's been on pinterest, so it counts... right??

4. What are your spring break plans?
HA! we don't get a spring break in the grown up, childless world.

5. What baby names do you hate? 
okay i have erased and reworded this answer four times now so i'm just going to say it. stop naming your kid after inanimate objects.
 there i said it. 
and for the record, i left out a lot of other names i hate that don't fit into this category but i don't want to hurt anyone's feelings :))

now... hop on!!

love, me


being perfect

 hello all. i've been away from the blog world for a while for various reasons... and i can't promise that i'm back (to anyone who was curious) but i will say HAPPY LEAP DAY! did you know that people who turn 21 on a leap day are not "officially" of legal age until march first? that's a bummer, isn't it?

i have a lot going on. being a part of two bible studies, leading one of them, possibly becoming someone's mentor (who let that happen?!), trying to plan and maintain all of the household issues, working for a few hours a week, and of course, a full load at school ( which -- how do you moms deal with the issue of going back to school? and working, some of you full time?! i can't even manage the house and feed my husband without having a nervous break down!). there are a lot of demands on me right now and i'm sure a lot of you can relate.

and pinterest (don't ask me when i have time to pin.. just don't ask!) doesn't help. isn't it just a gallery of how people are doing things so well? isn't it just an opportunity to figure out how many ways you are not making the mark?

my organization board is full of immaculate homes that speak to budgets larger than my own (even stuff from the dollar store adds up once you consider sprucing the stuff up)

my style pin board is full of awesome clothes so that people can dress like an adult while i feel like i'm a teenager masquerading. and let's be honest.. it never quite looks the same on my body.

my recipe board is full of scrumptious and (sometimes) healthy eats. and i'd love to cook them... but when? and let's not forget that i should be counting my points and finding time to work out. let's not even get on that southbound train.

and i feel like i'm not connected to God like i want to be. do you ever think that? beat yourself up because you didn't have a quiet time today? wonder what a quiet time is even supposed to consist of?

tell me i'm not the only one who has dealt with this? you don't have to comment or raise your digital hand, because i already know. augustine had it right: the Lord has formed us for himself, "and our hearts are restless" until we find him. seek the lord for peace and completeness this week. HE is your strength.

stop the madness!

take a deep breath with me.

he knows how we are formed. he remembers that we are dust. (ps 103)

and he is not shaken. (is 54)

in fact, his power is made perfect in weakness. (2 co 12)

WE cannot do it all -- he never asked us to. we rely on HIS purpose. so that he gets the glory. that's the point -- it's not about us!

and there is NO CONDEMNATION in him! (rom 8)

we cannot be perfect. he doesn't even expect us to. isn't that a relief?

"Search me, O God, and know my heart;
test me and know my anxious thoughts.
See if there is any offensive way in me
and lead me in the way everlasting."
Psalm 139:23-24

girls. let's live in something greater than ourselves this week! i hope to hear from you about what you're giving up control of today, right now! he loved us enough to die. can't we love him enough to live the life he paid such a great price for?

love, me


dinner party

we're having a mini dinner party tonight -- just one couple is coming to hang out. so i have the spotify going and i'm quickly updating the blog. next week, both small groups and one of my classes start, so it will be pretty hectic!

just in case you were wondering, though, here is what we're having!

bruschetta and pea pesto crostini

antipasto salad
chicken parmesan
capellini with roasted tomatoes and smoked mozzarella
homemade chocolate pudding with fresh vanilla whipped cream

i've been slaving since noon -- this better be a success!

happy wednesday everyone!

love, me


a riddle.

 can you figure this out?



you got it. 

this was a great week in aleasa-dom.

this week, i got a letter in the mail. it was not just any letter. it was an acceptance letter. to a school that is for post graduate work. also known as GRAD school!

that's right kiddos. i'm in grad school! seminary actually. i had orientation yesterday.. and registration.. and now i'm a student again. that's kind of why i've been so absent -- also, i'm lazy. i'll be starting school at the end of this month! i'm so so so excited. don't ask me what i'm going to do with my degree because seriously, i have no idea. but i know God wants me doing this.. so i'm being obedient (if not a bit delayed).

pray for me y'all. something big is happening in this family. maybe God will tell you what it is :)

love, me