dinner party

we're having a mini dinner party tonight -- just one couple is coming to hang out. so i have the spotify going and i'm quickly updating the blog. next week, both small groups and one of my classes start, so it will be pretty hectic!

just in case you were wondering, though, here is what we're having!

bruschetta and pea pesto crostini

antipasto salad
chicken parmesan
capellini with roasted tomatoes and smoked mozzarella
homemade chocolate pudding with fresh vanilla whipped cream

i've been slaving since noon -- this better be a success!

happy wednesday everyone!

love, me


a riddle.

 can you figure this out?



you got it. 

this was a great week in aleasa-dom.

this week, i got a letter in the mail. it was not just any letter. it was an acceptance letter. to a school that is for post graduate work. also known as GRAD school!

that's right kiddos. i'm in grad school! seminary actually. i had orientation yesterday.. and registration.. and now i'm a student again. that's kind of why i've been so absent -- also, i'm lazy. i'll be starting school at the end of this month! i'm so so so excited. don't ask me what i'm going to do with my degree because seriously, i have no idea. but i know God wants me doing this.. so i'm being obedient (if not a bit delayed).

pray for me y'all. something big is happening in this family. maybe God will tell you what it is :)

love, me