a riddle.

 can you figure this out?



you got it. 

this was a great week in aleasa-dom.

this week, i got a letter in the mail. it was not just any letter. it was an acceptance letter. to a school that is for post graduate work. also known as GRAD school!

that's right kiddos. i'm in grad school! seminary actually. i had orientation yesterday.. and registration.. and now i'm a student again. that's kind of why i've been so absent -- also, i'm lazy. i'll be starting school at the end of this month! i'm so so so excited. don't ask me what i'm going to do with my degree because seriously, i have no idea. but i know God wants me doing this.. so i'm being obedient (if not a bit delayed).

pray for me y'all. something big is happening in this family. maybe God will tell you what it is :)

love, me

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