motivation monday (fail)

  well everyone. i'm back to wanting to lose weight.

WELL... i've always wanted to lose weight. but i'm back to trying.

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...because let's be honest. ain't no 7-day, 2-week, 30-day magic routine or milkshake that's gonna get you where you need to be. there is a magical thing called surgery, but i won't go there.


gracie ate 40 chicken wing bones yesterday by breaking into the closet that houses our garbage can. we really really thought we'd gotten her away from raiding the garbage. obviously, we keep it locked up anyway... but we hardly wonder what's on the other side of the kitchen door when we pull into the garage.

well, it was an empty hooters takeout box. bleh.


needless to say, she was not feeling good yesterday, and started to, erm, excrete the so called treasures of her little sunday escapade.


so i was up at 4:30 am, without a chance at getting back to sleep and desperate to keep her off my LIGHT carpet.

so i took her for a walk.

at five am.

i just thought, 'you know what? i'm always complaining that i can't wake up this early and here i am awake.. ma as well make the most of it!'


so naturally it follows that i had to eat something healthy-ish for breakfast. i meant to make myself some oatmeal, but (somehow) left late.

 this post was SUPPOSED to be about oatmeal from starbucks, jamba juice, mcdonald's and chik fil a... and about how i'm not obsessed with dumping a quarter cup of brown sugar and butter on my oats. but that's going to have to wait.

this post is way too long.

BUT i have one more thing to say... GRACIE started vomiting and pooping so much that we had to make an emergency vet visit. ridiculous. i drove an hour from orange county to get to her, and an hour back for class at 5. she's obnoxious.

UPDATE on gracie and a note about why motivation monday came on tuesday: $200, fluids, and a few rounds of anti-nausea and anti-diarrhea meds. *sigh* but she's doing okay. she hasn't been sick since last night and she's feeling (or acting) more like herself this morning. poor thing... but this dog is going to be the end of our savings account!

love, me

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  1. Poor Gracie! Sounds like something my Ace would do. Dogs are expensive, but we love them to pieces!! Oh, and good luck with losing weight! Maybe you can inspire me again. I was on that train for awhile, but I finally cancelled my weight watchers account b/c I never logged on. Boo.