when i survey the wondrous cross..

Happy Easter friends!

Today was fabulous. Just considering the importance of this day -- without a resurrection Sunday, there is no Christian faith -- just blows my mind. Our church had Tri Tip after service. It was amazing. Plus, the weather is beautiful and it's baseball season and I have a package coming on Tuesday that I'm REALLY excited about. It's just a dang good day!

this photo (that i took in jerusalem) makes an appearance on my blog as least once a year! i just LOVE it!

I'm in the process of writing a small 3 or 4 session bible study surveying the cross for a followup of Easter. Would you be interested in reading and critiquing it? I have never written anything in this form before, but I would love to share it with y'all if you're interested. That, and knowing that people are waiting on me will put some fire under my toes!

Please email me at hello [at] aleasa [dot] net and let me know if you'd like to survey the cross with me!

Happy Easter! :))

love, me

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