finally summertime.

Well, I'm only kind of back from the dead. I've really missed writing, taking a few moments a couple times a week just to say what I've been doing and thinking about. But, life is so busy that I'm not sure how much I can commit to. What's new?!

Speaking of back from the dead, I haven't decided if I'm going to revive the Heritage Kitchen. It's only a separate blog because it started out that way. I am not sure how many recipes I'm going to be posting in the future. Grad school is hard! I hardly have time to make dinner, much less post about it.

BUT the fun news I have is related to food. The Sarge and I have decided to join a weekly organic produce delivery. I want to put updates on this blog so I can remember the fun recipes we try for all the different kinds of produce we'll be receiving, starting next Tuesday. And I know that makes everyone reading really excited.

Here's what I've done in the past few months:

Joined Perfectly Posh
Spent a month away from home, 
taking classes in the SF Bay Area

view from outside the academic building

lived here:

Dropped my NEW phone in the toilet

not my actual photo lol ::: via
But got a sweet NEW new phone

ate awesome food

Puerto Rican food -- organic beef, plantains, pink beans and the best limeade EVER.

indian-mexican fusion (yes) -- pumpkin & crab enchiladas
this place also had indian-cajun food. SO good!
and most importantly, celebrated the Sarge's birthday 
we saw Brave. 
I got home on his actual birthday, so we spent the next day hanging out just like when we were dating. so precious. 

Cheers friends. Until next time!
love, me

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE plantains. I could eat them every meal of the day. Hope you enjoyed yourself!