the return

I thought it would be fun to tell you what I have been doing while I have been missing in action in the blog world. First of all, I MISSED y'all! I hope that my faithful readers and new friends haven't completely abandoned or forgotten me.

And what have I been doing? Well I've been doing a LITTLE bit of productive stuff and a LOT of unproductive!

As for unproductive, I watched all four seasons of Breaking Bad. Yes. I did. Those of you that know ANYTHING about me know I don't watch a lot of TV, and pretty much the only way I'll watch a show is if the season are already on DVD and at least half the country has already seen and discussed them. My neighbor suggested this show to me one week and, not a full month later, I'd watched all four seasons. Don't judge me. If she wasn't moving, I would be watching Lost (and you know what a mess that is). I like watching shows about things I don't know anything about. And, well, I don't know much about illegal substances. I didn't even know you had to "cook" drugs lol. Call me lame. Anyway, this show is really well written and I love the character Walt. He's really, REALLY complex.

In a similar unproductive note, I've recently (like yesterday) started watching The Walking Dead. I just like zombies, what can I say. I'm weird in that way. I played Undead Redemption longer than I played Red Dead Redemption (that may not be entirely true). Zombies are creepy and dangerous, but the good news is their self-preservation need and skill died with their soul (I suppose). Also, they are almost completely unable to climb.. which makes all the difference. And yes, we have a plan for the zombie apocalypse, thanks to the Sarge's coworker who, well... plans for that kind of thing lol.

Speaking of which.. I almost signed up for a 5k whose website is runforyourlives.com. Yeah.

favorite of all time.
Let me just pause and ask, why haven't I been watching AMC for the past 3 or 4 years? I've never been much into series television (with the exception of a few sitcoms) because I have a terrible time remembering when they come on. Also I am not very patient.

ANYWAY, the productive stuff is a LOT less fun. I've written papers with titles like "A PERSONAL MODEL AND PHILOSOPHY OF CHRISTIAN EDUCATION" and "EDUCATIONAL MINISTRY PROPOSAL" and on subjects like sacrificial imagery in the gospels of John and Mark... yeah. Productive stuff. 

I also delivered a testimony speech to all the trustees and several donors and alumni at the annual GGBTS Trustee dinner. If you don't know much about the SBC, I'd say that is significant. A black woman speaking to a room full Southern Baptists is.. well.. amazing. I'm so proud to be associated with a denomination that is evolving. 

Okay, that's enough for today. Here's to hopin' I'm back before the summer :)


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