what i'm loving wednesday: the comeback edition!

I figured that since I'm back, I'd just link back up with one of my favorite weekly posts like I never left! Since this IS the "happy life" blog and we like to focus on the excellent and praiseworthy here, it's a fitting come back :)

So here is what I'm loving this Wednesday.

i'm loving... political season. i know. i'm weird. i like politics. i used to be super obsessed and "informed" and i've stepped back to focus on more kingdom minded stuff -- but you just can't ignore it in october of an election year! and i mostly disagree with all my friends on facebook politically, so i have to stay off there most of the time... but honestly, what i really love is that the election is almost here (and it will be over.) but yeah, i'm the nerd who likes politics!


i'm loving... the GIANTS taking it to the house on the cardinals on monday, and looking forward to another one this afternoon :))

from the giants FB page

i'm loving... christmas posh. i'm OBSESSED with the peppermint sugar scrub. i know, i know. but seriously... EVERYBODY is getting these lil' guys for christmas!

and as always, i'm loving my sweet sweet hubby who wakes up early enough to sit with me and chat in the mornings. sweet boy :))

love, me

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  1. Hi. I'm stopping by from the WILW link-up.

    There's nothing wrong with liking the political season. I get overwhelmed with all the posts, ads, etc. on it, but I try to keep informed as best as I can. Because that is our responsibility, right? :)

    Hmmm. Peppermint sugar scrub. Do you smell like peppermint all day, or is it just a scented soap for the shower.

    I love talking in the mornings! It's a good time of day to do so, you know? Set the tone of the day. Bond. Just be together. I hope to find a husband who will share that with me someday... or will just enjoy talking, no matter what time of day. :)

    I like that photo of you two, by the way. Was that before or after the wedding?

    Your name is very pretty, by the way.

    Enjoy your Thursday tomorrow!