Giving Thanks -- Day 1

 Attitude of gratitude right?

Today I am thankful for country music! (I know, the first day is supposed to be salvation. But I didn't want to be cliche. And the CMAs are on.)

I LOVE country music. I love Brad Paisley. I LOVE Blake and Miranda. I love Johnny Cash. I love Zac Brown. I love Eric Church. I love Carrie Underwood (I know). I adore Faith Hill. I do not love Taylor Swift (you see how I did that?). I could go on and on -- I think almost all my favorite songs are country songs. I love beer, guns, floating the river and being inappropriate all in good fun. I love the country life. (And yes, this San Francisco girl knows something about living in the country! If they are burning leaves in the "town limits" you're in the country lol.) I love everything about it!!

And I am thankful that there are still somewhat wholesome forms of entertainment out there that aren't as empty as Rhianna or as vulgar as, say, Lil Wayne (there are probably more modern examples but those are the ones I have heard of lol). Thank you Lord. Thank you for these guitar playin', boot wearin', gun totin', America lovin', Jesus praisin' country guys and gals who don't care what highfalutin people think of their down home country ways.
Yes. Yes. Praise the Lord for COUNTRY MUSIC!!

love, me

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  1. I love this post! I love country music, too, girl. For all the same reasons. And you rarely hear about country music celebs having scandals or cheating. And I used to love TSwift, but I'm so over her now. I was glad she didn't win any awards last night.