Giving Thanks days - 3 & 4

Hi there friends.

Yesterday was a fun day. I had a mother/daughter Posh party, then had dinner with the friends Nikki and Sasha, THEN got to see my long lost Christina! Most of you know but if you don't, I'm a total hermit and it's hard to get me out of the house for ONE fun time, much less three :) I'm glad I have persistent friends who are willing to fight for me haha.

So, since I was so busy, I didn't get to write. But here I am now.

For day THREE, I'm really grateful for my military community. It's hard being "newlyweds" (even though it's been three years!). Learning to live with someone is both fun and challenging on its own, but then the military throws in as many tricks and treats as they can. And yes, there are some really, really lame people that you meet as with anything... But the blessings (as usual) outweigh the burden. Most of the people we have met have been quick to befriend us, honest and genuine. Most of the non-military community in towns with military presence are the same way. It really is a lifestyle that no one understands until they have experienced it. I don't know how to describe it any better than that. I love the military. I love being a military spouse. It has allowed me so many opportunities I would probably have not had otherwise. Just a few of these things are amazing health insurance (especially for a sickly like myself), the chance to be a homemaker (which some may find subversive but I LOVE), and the chance to travel (and live) all over the country and potentially the world. Too awesome.

And for today, I am thankful for Netflix lol. I was so mad at them when they introduced the streaming feature and raised their prices like thirteen times in six months or whatever it was and I vowed never to go back. BUT the prospect of a deployment, and saving money by cutting things like cable, have reintroduced me to the idea of streaming video. And there are SO many shows that I don't watch because I'm always late in the game, or shows that I completely missed (like... Lost). And now... now they are available to me! For hours upon hours upon hours of nonstop entertainment! Shut up! Who's idea was this?! Thank you!!

Of course, this blessing is also a curse, because I have a goal of reading a lot of books while the Sarge is gone and well.. it just might not happen :)

love, me


  1. Where is country uh i mean the sarge..being deployed to?

  2. Hi, Aleasa!

    Are you doing the 30 Days of Thankfulness in your blog? I've seen people post on Facebook each day. It's nice to read it in a blog. :)

    I don't have Netflix, but their radio commercials always make me smile.

    I hope everything in your military community continue to go well. Best wishes to you and the Sarge.

    Have a good afternoon!

  3. Hello,

    I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could email me?

    I look forward to hearing from you,