Would you look at this?

I LIVE HERE. Okay well not technically. It's about 45 minutes up the road but I PRACTICALLY LIVE HERE! It's God's grace. It makes no sense that we move from one ocean to the other when I love the ocean as much as I do. Maybe this is not everyone's idea of paradise, but it is mine. Sigh. 

We went to Cape Canaveral yesterday and I just had to share that (instagram) photo. That's real life, a real place you can go, not a joke, not far away, not photoshopped. God floors me every time I think about it. 

Today's Top Two Tuesday topic is random fact about me. Last time I let you guys know that I took 4 years of French and 8 of piano and my skill in both were lacking, and then about how much I love the grocery store. But, I'm random by nature so it will be easy to do two more.

1. I am not a fan of the Disney... Well, to be clear, that would be Disneyland or World. I say that because we're going there today, as the Sarge has never been. I'm not sure I love the company but I know I don't love the theme parks. Living so close to Disney World, though, we got some tickets on the low low (like, the free low) and are braving Disney. This is a good time of year to do it. But Disney forces four things on me that I don't tolerate well :: 1. People forcing their tired (or just plain irritating) kids to do things they're not fond of (think the pics of kids sobbing while Mickey is giving the peace sign). :: 2. People who hate their jobs and/or said kids who have to fake it and fail miserably. :: 3. Crowds. I have terrible anxiety but that is the reason we're going now (and in the middle of the week). and 4. RUDE PEOPLE. Vacationing people are hands down the rudest people I have ever met, and that goes for just about anywhere. and 5. overpriced snacks, but that's not their fault... it's consumerism lol. And no, I'm not a cynic. Not really. I just know what I like and what stresses me out. So, say a little prayer for me that I don't have a psychotic break. At least I don't have kids. (whew).

And now that I don't have any more readers....

2. I make all our bread. There's a neutral random fact if there ever was one. You may find the occasional french loaf if I'm making bruschetta for a crowd, but for the most part, I craft all our bread. Sometimes, we don't eat much bread because it's a hundred thirty-seven degrees in Florida and the last thing I want is an oven on, but it stands. No grocery store carbs for us. (at least not in the form of bread. but that's beside the point.)

love, me

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  1. I'm in California and a bit older than you and we used to go to Disneyland all the time as a kid. Once I was a Mom we would go once every few years and even though I have fond memories of Disneyland (back in the day with those E-coupons) I totally agree with all that you said. Last time for me was 1996. I just can't afford it now.