I love bandwagons.

Since I'm turning "21" today, I thought I should act celebrate appropriately. 

Well, as many of you know, I had a 101 in 1001 list. It's supposed to be up this summer, but since we moved smack dab in the middle of it, it has been neglected and is nowhere near complete. (And definitely not because I started neglecting it  way before the move.) So I decided to try something a little less ambitious different. (I will renew the 1001 though... don't you worry.)

I'm trying the 30 before 30. That means in the next year nine years I will attempt to complete this "bucket list". Part of this will be during a deployment, so maybe I'll actually complete it! I am the WORST when it comes to starting and abandoning things, so maybe posting it on my blog will be some incentive. (Because apparently, self-motivation and personal achievement aren't enough for me).

1. Read 30 books. I mean, Books that I haven't read already. 
2. Do at least one non-meal Pinterest craft every month. Because.. what are we pinning for?
3. Spend my 30th birthday in another city (NYC is preferred). I love this city and I'm on the East Coast now, why not? And while I'm at it, try to get a couple friends together to do it with me.
4. Complete the 30 day shred (Jillian Michaels). I stole this one from my pal Brittney. I've been working on my fitness for a while anyway. This seems just about right. 
5. Run (walk or crawl) to complete a 5k. Maybe signing up for one will inspire to finish my Zombies, Run 5k program!
6. Get a gun. You know, so I can stand my ground.
7. Pay off (at least) one student loan or debt.
8. Write a letter (by hand) to five people I love.
9. Visit a Florida orange grove. There has to be one open to the public somewhere. 
10. Save up $1000 for our Italy trip.
11. Stop talking and start acting on adopting. We have a friend in Haiti and hopefully we can get some help adopting a kiddo from my little island!
12. Answer the "50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind". I have actually started already, but I want to finish it in the next year!
13. Write a letter to future me at FutureMe.org
14. Have a month without fast food. Seems reasonable.
15. Eat vegetarian for one week. I don't LOVE meat as it is, I enjoy it occasionally but I'm not a "meat and potatoes girl" as it is. Potatoes, yes. Meat.. meh. So while Sergeant J is gone, I'm going to try out the "other side"... and no... I will not give up my butter.
16. Read a book of at least one movie I have seen. The one that comes to mind is "The Notebook" but hopefully I can come up with something less depressing.
17. Read the LXX. In its entirety. Just because I want to.
18. Write all my bad memories on paper. Burn this paper afterwards. Cleansing.
19. Establish wills for myself and the Sarge. 
20. Finish my furnishing and decorating my office. Right now, it is a storage space. This is a bigger task than it seems because it means that I have to get the garage into storage-space shape.
21. Paint/finish the bathroom. Grey. Probably Pewter.
22. No soda for one month. To get my skin back!
23. Buy a dress that makes me feel pretty.
24. Buy (or make... HA!) curtains for the bedrooms. (/2) Hopefully before the nasty pleasantly warm Florida summer kicks in.
25. Have the neighbors over for dinner. Before the Sarge leaves preferably!
26. Get promoted with Perfectly Posh. To PP3! 
27. Find a small group.
28. Run a 12 minute mile. May not be ambitious for some of you... but for me, it definitely IS!
29. Buy a gift from a random Target wedding registry. I've always wanted to do this but never have. SOME bride is gonna get a surprise! (Or some teenager is going to get a potato masher that they really don't need and I'll be creeper of the year. I might be creeper of the year either way. Whatevs.)
30. Achieve a 60 second plank. Again... perhaps not so ambitious to the friends of the happy life blog, but a big deal to me!
Bonus!: Complete something you meant to complete before, but never did!

Have any of you done a 30 by 30? we're you smarter than me and started before 30 was looking you in the face?

love, me

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  1. I love 29- such a sweet idea! Good luck and happy birthday!