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Its Ok Thursdays

... to still be editing 2 and 3 year old posts as I'm trying to get in line with OPSEC as we gear up for deployment.. Sorry to the readers who keep getting these strange updates!

... that I did my couch 2 5k deal once this week instead of three times. The humidity is hard on me! ^_^

... to avoid Netflix like the plague because I want to have PLENTY to watch while the Sarge is gone.

... that we haven't found a church yet. I'm not stressed out at all. It was confirmed to us that churches are a bit tougher to break into here. It's okay that the nicest church we have been to is the only one without a pastor where, by the way, we were the only dark faces. And that of the 5 we have visited, more people there spoke to us than any of the other four combined. NBD. Part of me wants to join all of them and school them, but that's not my calling here. Yet. But if you are a church goer in Central Florida.. be nicer to your visitors. Seriously.

... that one trip to Disney should cover me for ... oh, I dunno.. ever.

... that I can't seem to wake up before 10am, barely in time to make the Sarge his lunch. Apparently I forgot what it was like to not have work or school (or a clean house). So much for giving the at-homers a good name! Good thing I don't have kids. Better straighten that up "dreckly".

... that so far, me and Gracie only have one friend in ALL of Florida -- our neighbor. Probably because of that 10am thing. Don't judge.

love, me

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