Never gone. Like the Backstreet Boys.

So, it's been a pretty long time since I have updated my blog. And.. well.. even when I was doing it last year, it was sparse and lame. That was probably because I was working and in graduate school full time.. there wasn't a ton of blogging time in there. But I'm back (hopefully) because I'm once again unemployed and I also decided I want to be a better journal-er and I suppose that includes blogging.

Since we last spoke....

The Sarge and I have moved.

We had a fun (month long) vacation to Arkansas and saw some snow!

I took up knitting.
{and... erm... learned the importance of proper needle gauge!}
This is a freakishly large mitten. It was my first complete knitting project
...and I don't care if it's ridiculous,  I love it!
*Yes I have made a normal mitten
*Yet I have made a pair
*Nope.. I'll probably never need them here in Florida!

I dressed up Gracie just because I could. And she loved it.

And I've started eatin' better!

My life hasn't been terribly interesting, but it has been fun. Here's to reviving my love for writing in 2013!

love, me

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  1. i would love to see some more blog posts from you. gracie has gotten big and i can't believe yall changed coasts. california, florida, what warm state yall moving to next?! glad to see ya trying to get back into blogging. :)